Free day?

  • Can you really eat whatever you want on your free day and still get results? 

  • laurie...

    if you do the book 100%, you will get 100% results. I took my free day during my first challenge, took a free "weekend" second challenge (bad mental challenge) and challenge three...taking a free MEAL.

    If you really crave something, set it aside for your free day. You may find come that day, you have worked too hard to set yourself back.

  • Laurie-

    Yes, you may eat what you want but this comes with a warning.
    1st- you WILL feel guilty. 99% do. :)
    2nd-  eating what you want and how much you want WILL effect your results

    I have heard a couple of variations of the free day that might help you feel less guilty and won't hinder your results:

    1- eat healthy throughout the day, but have one cheat meal
    2- eat what you want, but small serving sizes of it.
    I do this- make a list through out the week and then eat a few bites off the food list to satisfy my cravings. 
    Your body is so used to eating small servings  of healthy foods anyways, so anything more than a few bites will fill you up, and the super amount of carbs and sugar might actually make you sick.

    Just remember- NEVER weigh yourself after the free day, drink lots of water after the free day, and most importantly, remember that a freed day is just that. A free DAY. Not more. 

    Good luck!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Thank you for your replies.. this is cool and encouraging! Stacy,  your right I normally do feel guilty and I love the make a list during the week idea! 

  • i guess i'm in the 1%!  lol.  i do NOT feel guilty after a free day.  i find i really need that free day to make it through the other 6.  it really does keep me from cheating when i know i can eat what i want later in the week.  i also find that since i am following the meal plan the rest of the week, i don't feel badly about my free day.  without the free day, i personally would probably not have had the results i have had!



  • My brother and I started bfl a few years back and i don't think he ever understood the point of a free day. We took our free day on Sunday. He would stay up on Saturday night till the clock hit midnight you would think every week was new year's eve at his house. That is how he started his free day and yes it ended at 11:59:59 on Sunday. We always fought about that. I stated i don't think that is what "Billy" meant when he said take a free day. I weigh myself every sunday morning before my free day begins on Monday morning i also weigh myself to see how crazy was my free day. One day i gained 8 pound. Next sunday i weigh myself and i had lost 2.2 I do enjoy my free days perhaps a lil too much.

  • You should eat your cravings on your free day so that you don't obsess about them.  Once you obsess, you have a chance to lose control, so free days are important when you are first starting out.  

    On your free day, however, I think you should still keep portion control in mind.  For me, I found out this comes easy, because I just can't eat as much as I think I can, even if I try.  In my case, it seems I can't "binge" on my free day, because after a meal or two of unhealthy food, I can't take much more without feeling sick or full.  There are always a couple things I want on my free day that I just don't get to that day, and I have to wait until the next free day to have, cause I can't jam it in there.  It's been 3 weeks now and I still haven't gotten my frozen yogurt with M&M's lol, but I am looking forward to it on Sunday!

  • I'm on my week 7 and I'm seeing some results but nothing dramatic, I'm thinking my free days have something to do with it. Yup tend to go overboard on those free days trying to cram everything I'm wishing for in that day even if I'm not hungry. I feel sick and guilty afterwards! Going to try harder controlling my free days...:-(

  • Yeah, bottom line, you shouldn't eat when you're hungry.  On your free days, it should be all you CARE to eat, not all you CAN eat... so go ahead and indulge in those things you've been thinking about, but moderation is still key even on the free day.  I find myself so used to the 6 meals on Sunday even though its my free day, so I try to have a little of this and a little of that and if I don't finish it, well I don't finish it.  Don't worry though, you are doing great, the back end should really produce some good results.

  • I learned that for me, I have to take free day in moderation.  It all depends on your body and your goals.  If I eat anything and everything that I want on free day I undo all of the work I put in during the week.  My first BFL challenge ended with me not missing a single workout and watching my meals every day but free day and I lost 2 lbs. in total.  Next challenged I took a free meal once a week and started to lose the weight.  

  • Beer on free day????????????  

    If you knew'd know how important this question is.  I'm the 6-pack a night guy from the book!!!

  • fesic01 I responded on the other thread about alcohol.  I hope it helps.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • it did.  posted this before i read your response.

  • I just started my challenge and after my first free day (in which I binge on bad foods the entire day) I could not go back on track, was horrible I am still struggling! I am a compulsive eater , this is why I started the program, I still would exercises but I would binge at le ast once a day and that was destroying me. Now, I am afraid to have a free day at all is like I cannot control after a little piece o chocolate or a piece of pizza. I dont know if I should try to stay away form the free day at least on the beggining.... Please help!!!! I need some opinions!!!

    Thank you!! ;-)

  • Personally, I think some people limit themselves on free out of sheer guilt.  Not once did I try to control my portions.  I ate what I wanted when I wanted on free day.  Here's an example of my free day( 14 weeks of them now):

    Morning:  Large double double from Tim Hortons, two bowls of alpha-bits cereal with 1% milk.

    Lunch:  Big mac, med fries, med diet coke, baked apple pie

    Dinner:  Small pepperoni cheese pizza, diet coke

    Snack:  Bag of whatever flavour of chips I feel like, more diet coke.

    This is how I took my free days. Why?  Because Bill, in his book said I can.  Have a look at my before and after pictures.....I don't think it hindered me at all.  Truth is, I kind of resent those who don't think people should take advantage of a free day.  Free days should be encouraged as much as the BFL way the rest of the week.  Regardless of what we have built with BFL, people still might enjoy going out for that 120z steak dinner with all the fixings and baked potato with cheese/sour cream and washing it down with a Bud.  Let them, it's all a small part of the success of this program.

    Just my $.02.


    Also note, I was a junk food junkie before the program started, and at first I had cravings after my first couple of free days but now, none, nothing.  I am glad for my free days and I am glad when they are done.