Any advice for the last 4 weeks?

  • I will be down to my last 4 weeks starting next week.  This is my second challenge.  On my first challenge I didn't lose much, but I didn't follow the eating program really close.  This time I did follow the eating program better - balance of proteins and carbs and took my free days, but still just maintaining at the same weight I was at when I finished the last challenge.  I took off a month between challenges.  I have noticed more muscles building up, mostly in my upper body.  I was really hoping to lose these stubborn 15 pounds.

    Any advice as I get close to the end?

  • Don't get hung up on the pounds as much as the inches.  I follow body fat percentage a lot more than lbs.  Remember that muscle weighs four times more than fat, so if you break even on weight, but you are seeing muscle gain, the program is working...and IMHO, muscle looks much better than fat in a bathing suit any day.