I'm starting the Challenge..Anyone want to buddy up? Need Support!

  • Dannie, thanks for the morning tips! I am going to start walking in the mornings, but not this week. This week we decided to wake up without the alarm (we usually wake up anyway around 6:30 without it). We are giving ourselves this indulgence because it is the first time in months and months that we've been able to sleep with the windows open and enjoy some fresh air. This week is for us. But come Monday, and you can hold me to this, I'm waking up earlier and walking!

    So I am hearing some cool things here - Dannie, "... and I'll for sure be following in their footsteps.  I refuse to, I'm only 36 and want to live a long happy healthy life." YES! That really inspired me and made my day. You are taking control. Your strength and determination are fantastic. GOOD FOR YOU. I want to say that too - I refuse to keep making the same bad choices. I want a healthy, happy life.

    Erica, "I have made huge changes from where I was before starting the challenge", "I feel good that I haven't missed a single workout since starting". Erica, you are an inspiration to me too. You have shared with us some of your personal challenges and I really commend you for taking on this challenge when you have so much going on. Let me repeat your words to you:

         You have made huge changes from where you were before starting the challenge!!

         You haven't missed one single workout!!

    That is so awesome and you should be really PROUD of yourself :)

    I know you said you've been having trouble with the food part. I have too. I am just trying to stick to it the best I can. It's hard because no one else around me is doing this challenge, so life goes on as normal, with pizza, beer, whatever. I am just trying to do my best to eat foods from the list. I'm not sure why it is so hard, and maybe I can work on that to see what the issues are for me. Don't be too down on yourself - you are starting to take the reins now. This is a process and will take us time. We are only in week 4, it's early and we're still figuring stuff out. I know in my own case, I've got years of practice at doing the wrong things, and only a few weeks at trying to do the right ones!

    Maybe this week we can use Dannie's words as our mantra - I refuse to keep making the same bad choices!

    - Lori

  • Good Morning Everyone

    Well I weighed in to find I'm 10 lbs lighter!  It felt real good to see a lower number at the end of 6 weeks.  (I'm kinda thinking of it as 5 weeks though since my wisdom tooth problem that took most of my 4th week away from me.)  Anyway, I also measured and lost some inches too, about 5 1/2" overall.  

    My husband has started noticing physical changes in me and giving me great compliments.  : )   I'm a little disappointed that my body fat % didn't drop according to my Tanita scale.  I really expected to see that at a lower number.  Overall I'm proud of myself for the 10lb and inches loss.  My sister is coming into town and I haven't seen her since July so I'm anxious to see her reaction and if she notices.  She knows I had started working out but I haven't given her any details or results.

    This morning was difficult, it was one of those mornings that my "bad habit" self wanted to talk me out of working out.  Thankfully I fought it off (reluctantly) and got my butt on the treadmill and successfully completed 20 min HIIT with increasing intensity plus additional 10 min.  Afterward I thought about what my doctor said to me yesterday, "no one ever says..."I  shouldn't have done that" after they workout" .  So true!!!  That got me on the treadmill this morning.

    Keep going everyone, finish your workout strong today and eat well!  

    Lori - Thanks so much for your kind words!!!!

  • Erica -

    Everyone struggles with something.  It's so easy to slip back into bad habits, too easy.  I have struggled some day too.  The point is that you are not alone but don't feel defeated, we are all here for you!  If I ever mess up somehow with meals, I try to understand that I can't change it afterwards.  I use the very next meal according to plan to get back on track and that makes me feel better, in control, and strong.

    Your accomplishments so far are plenty to be proud of!!!!

  • Hi All:

     Dannie Congrats on the 10LBS weight loss! How wonderful! So good to hear it's working for you. I'm still pushing along. I took measurements today and they havent really changed which is a disapointment. I hope it's not due to slip ups on my diet. I'm still going to the gym 6 days a week and I know that it is a good thing!

     It's inspiring to hear that the program is working for you.  I appreciate the kind words and thoughts from you and Lori. They really help. Every person's body is different. I do see a slight difference in the mirror and it is the week in my cycle where I'm pretty bloated. It may not have been the best day to take measurements.

     I'm going to to keep going on my challenge. I enjoy my time at the gym and can't wait for the snow to fly so I can start cross country & backcountry skiing. I will typically xc ski 4 miles on my lunch break during winter. That is really good and fun excercise! Staying positive and focused!

  • Hi There,

    Good to hear from you Dannie and Erica. Last week was bad because I got sick. Thought I was going to avoid it as everyone else had gotten a bit of a bug. But was not to be. Still tried to workout and eat right, but for the most part the week was a wash.

    I've lost 4-5 pounds so far which feels good, and looking forward to losing more. The weight isn't really a good measure, I realize, but it's easy and quick to hop on the scale. I definitely am starting to see some changes in the measurements. In the middle of week 6 now. Yeah!

    How is it going this week?

    - L

  • Hi everyone,

    Lori - congrats on the weight loss and on the measurement decrease!!!!  It always feels good to see the results in numbers.  

    This is my 8th week and found that I lost 2% body fat.  Hopefully that loss increases soon but glad to see even a slight drop to show me I'm headed in the right direction.  I had a great cardio workout today and just kept thinking "the fat is melting, the fat is melting" to keep me going throughout it.  hahaha!

    I have a family wedding to attend this weekend and the dress I bought about a month ago is too big so I had to get another one today.... and in a smaller size!

    Keep going strong everyone. Hope you are all doing well!

  • Dannie hope you had fun at the wedding! That's awesome about your dress :)

    How did you measure your body fat percentage? I think I read that somewhere but can't remember how to do it.

    - L

  • Hi All,

    Starting my 8th week today! Doing OK but last week had a few days off. Getting back on track this week. How y'all doing?


  • I'm in my 9th week and still plugging along. Some ups, some downs, but really all is going OK. I'm not going to blow anyone's doors off with my progress but I am feeling better bit by bit, and I think I'm developing habits that can last me the long term. That's a good thing!

    Pretty quiet in here - are you all with me?? How are you doing Erica? Dannie? MommyMouse?

    The holidays are approaching.... let's stick together :)