Help me give up my smoking habit

  • I'm 54 and am embarassed to admit I took up smoking a couple of years ago.

    I took it up to keep from eating (yes, I know, stupid)

    I want to kick the habit badly but am having trouble.

    I smoke 1 to 3 cigarettes a day, dosn't seem like much but to me its still too much.

    I am getting fit from following the plan and want to be more fit by quitting.

    I'v quit for about a week, than I started again.

    Anyone out there quit and can you help me?

    I'd appreciate any advice.

  • I personally just up and stopped cold turkey which I know isnt for everyone. If you are truly dedicated to doing it you can stop it just takes a great amount of will power. The hardest thing I found was not the cravings but the habit of having something in my hand. If you have a pack toss it in the trash now, dont say it is your last and wait until you are finished, it is a good sign that you are committed to change. It will be hard but stay strong. I printed out this timetable and kept it with me with the date and time I had my last cigarette written on it and any time things got bad I would work my way down the list to see all the benefits I had gained and would lose should I give in.

    Hope this helps some and best of luck.