Why doesn't the scale move??

  • I restarted because if I would of kept it up for the 12 weeks which ends on Sept. 21..I wouldnt of been able to complete another 12 weeks because the contest ends in Nov.

    Beleive me, I'm in this to WIN!!!

    Thanks for all your encouraging words.

    I still need to know how much fat is required in the 6 meals.


  • What is happening is your body  IS  losing fat, and at the same time building muscle. So even though  the scale appears to be going down ever so slowly, your body IS changing its composition. The more muscle you build, the more fat your body will be able to burn. You should be noticing your waistline shrinking as well as other visible changes (my favorite is the shrinking double chin), even though you aren't losing vast amounts of scale weight as fast as you would like. Personally, I wouldn't check the scale daily, or you will go crazy. I would check it maybe once a week. Anyways, keep up the work it will pay off :)

  • Kitty: No need to worry about how much fat  you should be eating. To make this simple just concentrate on eating a lean protein and low glycemic carb at each meal. Many of your lean sources of protein already contain some fat  in them so without even trying you will be getting some fat in your diet.

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  • Hi

    I did WW before too, and then had great success with BFL. While doing BFL I actually used my WW knowledge to control portions: I was having bout 2 points of carbs and 2 points of protein per meal (sometimes a little more). Maybe this will help... (I lost about 1.5 lb per week on BFL, but looked much better than when I lost on WW!! Exercise is the key :) )

  • Kitty,

    Have you read the book?  Also what are your workouts like?

    Keep in mind, there are many people that have won a challenge that wasn't their first.  I had even read of one that won a challenge that was her 4th or 5th.  So you could have finished the 12 weeks and then applied what you learned to another challenge next year.

    If you have not read the book, you should.  If you have, re read it and go through the authorized food list. as you will see why some of your food choices are off.   Also pay attention to the crossing the abyss section as it talks about the promises we make to ourselves and why we shouldn't break them.

  • Hi

    I have the BFL book as well as the new BFL challanger book.

    Last night after work, I had a protein bar INSTEAD of my usual peanut butter on toast.(see I'm learning)

    My w/o routine is every day (except Sunday).

    I almost always am able to up the wt.

    I have no prob with the exercise routine.

    Thanx again for all your input!!

    Your all winners in my book:)