Why doesn't the scale move??

  • I was wondering why doesn't the scale move more?

    Could it be because were actually not eating enough calories?

    Why is it when I followed W.Watchers a few years back, I would drop lbs. weekly??

    Do you think this low caloric intake  contributes to a starvation mode, where the body reacts by holding onto the fat?

  • The better question is why do you interpret the results on the scale as your measure of success?  Body-for-LIFE isn't a weight loss program, it's a fitness program.  

    It teaches you proper nutrition and how to move your body and become fit.

    What week of the challenge are you currently in?  Also post a sample of your meals.

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  • Hi

    Actually i am originally in week 6 but decided to begin over (as i didnt think I'd progress enough to have a winning chance)

    I am currently on day 3.

    My meal from yesterday was:

    myoplex lit shake

    4 oz whole wheat pasta, 4oz 90% lean hamburg, tomatos and hand full of veggies

    1/2 c Cottace cheese w/cut up cantolupe

    serving of almonds w/ice water

    lite hamburg bun, toasted w 1T Natural P.B.


  • the scales will move sometimes it takes a wek or two,, how are your inches doing ? are losing inches? sometimes the scales is your worst enemy only weigh yourself once a week(before your rest day). how many calories are you taking in? dont forget water intake also has much to do with weight loss

  • I actually feel like I am eating way more than before, and I've always eaten well.  I feel like there are so many carbs, and I am trying to get past that.  I am no pro....I am on day 3 as well, but from what I can see with your diet....one of your meals was just almonds and ice water.  You want a protein and carb wtih every meal.  Nuts are high in calories and should be saved for free day.  You also had peanut butter on your bun (more high fat).  Was the bun WW?  You should have some type of meat with that & some veggies.  A nectarine by itself does not constitute a meal.  I can see why you think this is low calorie; you are not eating enough!  I have heard a lot of people stay away from bread, especially as a last meal.  Follow the food list, and make sure you are eating 6 meals a day with equal parts of protein/carbs & add some more veggies in there, and maybe not as much fruit.  Good luck.  Hang in there!!!

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  • Hi, yes make sure every meal is equal protein and carbs, I don't think you are eating enough, nuts..almonds are good for you just make sure you have a carb with them, I love an apple with almonds, it fills me up for a snack. I don't think the shake you're having or the dinner is enough, believe me I've only learned this from experience:)

    The scale stayed the same for me or...went up a few pounds, horror....for about 4 weeks or so and it drove me mad, I read a lot on here about it and asked advice from a professional body building woman (!) I emailed her in desperation I felt so bad, she suggested I lift heavier weights as she thought my workout was too easy, meaning the weights I was using....BAM! the pounds are coming off, so it was just a matter of shocking my body I guess....so try changing the exercises you're doing? Really challenge yourself as hard as you can. So far as that darn scale goes....I'm  more at ease with it now and understand muscle weighs more than fat so the scale may not move or even go up, hard to think I know.....also, my stomach was staring to growl in between meals so I've added more, your metabolism is going up which is a good thing but we need to eat enough.

    Not sure if you like oatmeal...I can't tolerate it plain so add a scoop of EAS chocolate protein powder,...I LOVE it! Best of luck :))

  • Kitty33,

    You need to believe in this program...like Champster said, this is a fitness program. Yes, 80% is nutrition so eat  what is on the authorized foods list, watch your portions and drink your water.

    As snowdog suggests, switch up your exercises every 3-4 weeks to shock your muscles into moving differently.

    Also have you heard of the "Paper Towel Theory"? In a nutshell, your body fat/weight comes off in layers like that roll of paper towels, it takes longer to unwrap those first few towels and then once you start getting closer to the core, it starts coming off faster. Hence the slow changes at first.

    Prior to my successful challenges, I had started and stopped several other challenges BECAUSE I didn't see results on the scale. One time I stopped on day 30, another 49, and I can't remember the other days. I just know that I was determined to get to that Magic #8 week (Ladies Success Document at mikeharris.org) this time around.

    It worked! Not at week 8 exactly, but once 9 was finished, pounds and inches seemed to melt away weekly. Still going strong on challenge 3!

    So stick with it, Believe in yourself...Work the program and the program will work for you!!

    Best wishes for your success!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I am a former Weight Watchers lifetime member.  I say former because I lost and gained the same 20 lbs year after year.  Every year or so when I went back to WW to get back to "lifetime" I would drop 4 lbs the first week, 3 the second and 1-2 lbs every week after, so in 12 weeks I saw a good 20 lb loss.  Bam...cured every time.  Cured? NOT SO FAST.  20 years of using Weight Watchers (in fact a program I consider to be very sound) clearly never worked FOR ME in the LONG TERM.  Now at 40 years of age and tired of the same game of cheating the system of points whatever way I could to still lose every week on the almighty scale, I was fed up!  I went to get a  battery of fitness tests to see where I am at 40 and to START OVER again and learned my body fat is at 31%.  In my hey day (mid-twenties and an step aerobics kind of gal-LOL) I was at 18% body fat but I was never very athletic.

    Today, 31% bodyfat is unacceptable to me and WW did not help me with this over the years.  I dusted off the BODY FOR LIFE book I had bought years ago and decided I would give it a fighting chance.

    I am on my first challenge in my 9th week and I am thrilled with my results (though not done yet!) and I LOVE the plan.  I never feel deprived- I get to eat all the time without counting my points and I love the strength and muscles I am developing.  I am far from perfect and I am at least 5 lbs heavier than my lifetime goal weight with WW and my clothes from my lifetime days are baggy on me.

    PLEASE PLEASE don't watch the scale.  I dropped 4lbs in the first 4 weeks with BFL (versus 4 in the first week with WW).  Then I lost nothing...scale DID NOT MOVE for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS after that...talk about depressing...especially when I could not blame it on cheating or missed workouts- I was near perfect in my eating and never missed a workout.  But then the scale moved down a pound a day for about 3 days in a row in week 8.  So in my week 9 I have lost 8 lbs total in a - a very healthy weight loss, especially considering the inches are melting away and the muscles are getting stronger.

    So please trust that the pounds will come off, just not in the way or on the timeline you are used to. I hope you'll stay with it.  It's a solid program with amazingly inspiring people to help you along the way!  

    I hope this helps.  I am still on the journey, but this is what I know so far...this is my lifestyle FOREVER now.  I love it.  Eat a protein and a carb in every meal!

    Welcome to BFL, Kitty33.


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  • Thank-you all for your insight.

    I will do better with my meals.

  • Jen!!! Me too!! HA HA. Now I look at those WW people who have meetings in the church just across my alley and I want to SCREAM at them!! Dont pay for losing water and lean muscles you silly people!!

  • Kitty: Be encouraged that us BFLER'S over 50 can look 20 years younger if you do this program as best as you can. Feel free to check out my profile pics from my last challenge. Something I did during my challenge was when I weighed myself of day 1 I vowed I would not step on the scale until day 84 and I'm glad I did. Along the course of my challenge I let my pants and belts speak for themselves. As the weeks went on I knew my pants were feeling looser and my belts were going from the 1st hole to the 2nd hole and eventually to the 3rd hole. I wish you all the best.....you can so this!!

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  • Hi

    Can you refresh my memory on what the 6 meals a day need to include?

    I think its a protein/carb w every meal.

    Now what about the fat and veggies?

  • Kitty another thing to consider is why did you "start over" at week 6?  Really the whole point is to follow this through as is.  You owe it to yourself to give it 100% for the full 12 weeks rather than reset after week 6 because YOU think you're not getting spectacular results.   Starting over just means that you've come up with an excuse not to follow through with your initial promise to yourself.  This isn't about perfectionism, it's about following through to the best of your ability.  

    With BFL some of the best results come in the last 4 weeks,   Have you read the book?

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Kitty,

    First of all, I have rarely heard of TOO FEW CALORIES being the problem.  But hey that is fun to believe.   I know it is possible, but it is rarely the case.

    Ok for your diet for the day, first of all the ratios are off.


    My meal from yesterday was:

    myoplex lit shake - not bad at all.

    4 oz whole wheat pasta, 4oz 90% lean hamburg, tomatos and hand full of veggies ...         this isn't too bad but hamburger is not a good challenge food as it is high in fat.  Look at the fat cals versus the 90/10 ratio listed.  I have bought 93/7 and then seen that for 130 cals 70 of it was fat (or thereabouts).  The % number on the front is not good.

    1/2 c Cottace cheese w/cut up cantolupe -       looks like this is scewed towards carbs.  Make sure you are getting about 20g pro and 20g carbs in each meal.  Not horrible though.

    serving of almonds w/ice water -        Fat and water.  Yes healthy fat ... but where is the ratio of 40/40/20 there?

    lite hamburg bun, toasted w 1T Natural P.B.          - Carbs and fat .... and a hamburger bun?  Not good carbs.  Peanut butter, like hamburger meat, is not a good challenge food, yes it is in the book but not the best option for those really trying to shed pounds.

    nectarine -          It is all carbs.  Here is where Cottage Cheese is a very good option.

    Ok so that is my critque of that days meal plan.  Try getting in some brown rice, some egg whites, lean chicken and make sure your ratios are correct.  I think you could see some improvement just by making sure they are right and using a few better food choices.

    As for the giving up at 6 weeks, I agree with Champster.

  • Kitty,

    For referece, here is a sample for my daily meals ...

    breakfast - 1/2cup oatmeal, whey protein shake and 2 HB egg whites

    mid morning - 1 cup cooked brwon rice, 4 - 5 oz boneless skinless chicken ***, 1/2 cup green beans.

    lunch - apple, myoplex original, 2 hb egg whites

    mid afternoon - same as mid morning

    dinner - varies but is skewed towards protein and I really watch portion control.  Usually about 300 calories.  Proteins are usually, chicken, tilapia, ground turkey *** (has to be the ***).  Carbs are usually a sweet potato, veggies, brown rice or whole wheat tortilla.

    late night - 1/2cup cottage cheese, protein shake.

    The last two meals I skew more towards protein, but this is after doing this for a year and finding what I think works best for me.

    Hope that helps as an example.