Need help getting up in the Morning

  • I know how hard this is but once you get in to the swing of getting up and exercising you'll be fine, just takes time that's all and once you've done it, it's done for the day and you'll be pleased about that, you'll be thinking I'm so glad I did it this morning....of course the part of getting enough sleep is crucial too, it's hard at first getting up but it won't take you long to get used to it. Good luck!

  • I like the idea of putting the alarm on the other side of the room next to the "before" picture. Also, planning for the next day is so helpful. I'm starting week two now. Last night (Sunday), my wife and I prepared food for the week, including 4 meals per day, and did a lot of cleanup around the house. We went to bed feeling well-prepared. Then, this morning I got up and did my 20 minutes of cardio having set out my clothes the night before.

    Trust me, I'm NOT a morning person-- I can easily sleep 10 hours and still not feel rested. But we sometimes just need to KICK OUR OWN BUTTS. We must be strong in even our weakest moments!