Week 6 and barely any change... ??????

  • I'm right there with ya, I'm at week 6 and have not seen much results.  I look to these threads for encouragement and it really keeps me going.  Blind faith, some of it...  I just love hearing that we are going to see changes and to keep on keepin on!!!!

  • I'm now starting my 10th week and I'm really starting to love seeing my reflection in the mirror!  I look at my begining pictures and I'm truly amazed!!!  I still hate the scale and I'm at the point of almost throwing it out!  It's only numbers not the way you look or feel.  I can see a huge difference in my body from 10 weeks ago but the scale isn't that big of a difference.  

  • Rachel - I like how you are thinking - yes the scale is the devil. I have lost in total (give or take a different day or pound) a total of only 15#, but it is clear that I am toning up. I still get on my scale, and I still believe I have scale weight to lose, but it isnt a priority like I thought it would be when I started this 6 months ago.

    Be truly amazed.

    Be amazing! WooOOOOoo for you girl!

    Cathie on T.com

  • Thanks Cathie!!!   I have a better appreciation for my body.  I'm healthy and strong and that is what is most improtant.  A number is just a number and it looks different on different people.

  • I just kind of did some speed reading through this thread, so please excuse me if I overlooked it, but has anyone told Juicy about the fact that most women DO NOT see results on the scales or even in the mirror until at least week six and often week 8? Juicy, I have collected over several years about 10 pages worth of stories from ladies in the community here, which used to consist only of aguestbook, and I put them all into a document that you can get very easily. You can either write me at miketharris@comcast.net   and ask for the lady success document or you can go to my website and find it. Here is the link that will take you directly to it:  http://mikeharris.org/2010/03/14/lady-success-document-as-of-3-14-10/

    Over the years I have sent out about 10,000 copies of the document and its predecessors so that should tell you that you are in pretty good company when you worry about why you haven't seen early results.  So, get the document and you'll find your own story in there.

    One last thing. I know you "feel" that it is counterproductive to eat carbohydrates late at night, but personally I cannot think of anything more counterproductive than just feeling like you currently are--like you are going nowhere fast. The bottom line is that you have to eat to lose weight, and you are playing a game you cannot win if you continually short yourself the sixth meal of the day simply because you are AFRAID that you'll not lose weight.  Do this the way you're supposed to and don't worry about what your BF or anyone else thinks they know and you'll see results! If you keep doing it your way, you may keep getting what you currently are, and that doesn't sound like a lot so far!


  • Mike, I sent her your website address at the beginning of this thread and briefly explained the 8 wk miracle concept, not sure if she went there or not and Legs posted the paper towel theory...

    Hope your work is calming down a bit!

    Blessings! :0)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thank you so much for posting that.  My first 5 weeks on the BFL, I searched and searched to read something like that.  I have just finished up my 6th week and I'm now starting to fit into clothes i could not fit into before.  Also, that last meal of the day really helps give me energy for the next days workout.  Muscles burn fat, so feed your muscles!!!! They need fuel to do their job.  Eating 6 meals a day has really decreased my appetite as well.  I can't believe I feel full after a palm size protein and a fist size carb and veggies...."'keep on keepin on!!!! The way I see it, 12 weeks are going to go by whether your doing the program or not.  So why not stick with the program, so that when 12 weeks does go by, you will see the change.  " It works if you work it, your worth it so work it!!! HA...



  • That is awesome!