what bodyfat is this calculator giving you

  • I weigh 297.2lbs and my waist is 51 inches and thats all you need according to this calculator which gave me a reading of 29.9%, my tanita scales says im 43%, I would be interested in knowing what this calulator gives ye?



  • 16% in my dreams.  I'm actually around 21%. My tanita has told me for 4 years that I'm 39.9% which is a load.  I've lost 30lbs since buying it.

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  • My scale has told me I'm 43% since i bought it which is a load too :).  I've done the calculator with measurements of neck, navel and bum and that came out at 22% and your calculator says 22%. I'm going for a caliper test on Wednesday so will have to see how accurate these are. Will keep you posted.

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  • My scales tell me I'm 13% (I'm a skinny guy trying to muscle up). My weight and body fat % have hardly budged according to the scales, and I am in week 8.

    I bought some calipers the other day. Apart from a bit around the navel, I am pretty lean everywhere else. Using 7 site measurement and a calculator on the net, I came in at around 5%!

    So I have no idea which of them is reliable at all! and the comments above make think there is probably no better test than the NJT:

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  • My omron handheld says 17.8% and that website formula said 15.6% which seems kind of low to me.

    How can it be accurate when it doesn't consider height? I am 179 with a 34inch waist but it is a flabby not hard waist. Another person could have a 34 inch rock hard waist. I trust the hand-held over formulas and the percentages on foot scales. Calipers are better too.


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  • that site said 22.2 for me. UM, NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I'm WAY fatter than that.

  • Thought I'd give you an update. Had my caliper test today and my BF% was worked out at 18%. The Measurement route said 22%. I'm hoping the caliper test will be more accurate!!

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  • I weigh 130 pounds and have a 30 inch waist and it gave me a 28.5%.  I might be that high but probably closer to 26%.   I bought a stupid digital fat caliber and can't do it right.  I have 43% body fat according to it LO!!  I'm 5 foot 4 inches so 130 pounds is far from me being morbidly obese.  Who knows!!  Ill probably end up going to the gym to have them accurately measure my body fat.