6/28 Challangers, how you doin so far?

  • Happy to report, so far, so good.

    Been alternating cardio with weightlifting.

    Today I reached my high point on the treadmill to a 5.2 (started off at 5.0)

    I pushed myself the last minute and I'm glad I did.

    Meals are good except last night after I got home from work @ 10 :00, I was soo hungry I had a small bowl of multi grain cheerios, 1% milk and blueberries.

    I plan on doing better today and have my last snack @ 8.


  • Florabelle,

    Don't forget that it is no problem to eat your meal 6 right before you go to sleep.  The meals are small and perfectly proportioned so that we burn them up!  But, make sure it is a BFL meal.  Most people do cottage cheese and fruit, cottage cheese and yogurt, or greek yogurt right before bed, since the casein protein is utilized slowly and your body won't feast on your hard earned muscle during the night of fasting.  Many nights I eat my last meal at 10pm.  Then I go to sleep, shortly after.  I lost 18lbs during C1 doing just that!

    Keep up the hard work!!


  • Doing great! I'm so excited to see how much I'll transform mentally and physically over these next 12 weeks! I've recently become a certified personal trainer and while I am in decent shape already I am hoping to build more muscle and I'm using this program to show my clients how fast you can get results and how being fit and healthy is a lifestyle...not just a fad diet! I can't wait! I love the support that Body for Life gives and this program will be the one I recommend to all of my clients!

  • So far So Good....

    I've always done better on the eating part than on the exercise... (yup... I'm quite a little on the lazy side)

    I seem to outdo myself the first day or two and then be to the point I cant move So I only reached a 7 on the treadmill yesterday and will Shoot for an 8 today with the leg workout I (have to tailor it to myself so I know i WON'T give up this time from overdoing....)

    Progress.. not perfection.

    But yes, I too also eat right before going to sleep... I figure that will keep my body nourished and working through the night since 8 hours is a long time to go without a meal.... : )


    Kat5499 "If I'd known I was gonna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself" - Leon Eldred

  • Yesterday was a better day a far as eating.

    I ate every 2-3 hrs and I couldn't believe how "full" I felt inbetween, whereas before I was "still" hungry.

    Yes, ths 6 mini meals really work!

  • I really do feel full most of the time. It's crazy how good of a workout I can get in such a short amount of time....I thought to be able to change my body that I'd have to spend hours in the gym and be hungry all the time. This program is so realistic and do-able. Day 2 I messed up really badly on the eating plan...just ate a whole bunch of stuff not on the plan. It made me feel like I'd failed and I wanted to quit the challenge.. I was like who am I kidding?! How in the heck am I going to finish this challenge? But I just can't give up. It's not about doing it perfectly (although that's what I strive for)....it's about not giving up. since this is my first week doing the challenge, there have been a few duds...like my first aerobic workout...and my first protein shake. But my second protein shake was better than my first....and my second aerobic workout was better than my first...

    In a nutshell I've been learning not to give up just because the first try doesn't turn out the way I want it to.

  • You guys will be amazed how quickly your body will adjust and start "telling" you it's time to eat again.  Great job by all!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hi everyone...

    I have been doing great with the exersice and the food! I love the meals but I seem to have a lot of trouble getting that 6th one down. I have been pushing to get to my 10 on all of my exercises too but today I feel like every inch of my legs are hurting. Still I did my cardio today! I can do this!!!! I know you can too!

  • Keep it up guys! I love reading the stories on here. We are so much stronger together when we pull from other people's ability to overcome challenges. I have already lost 6 lbs, though most is probably water weight, but its still exciting, and I was working out with my wife today, and someone asked her if I was her trainer, and said, "He's Buff." I can't tell you how much that little compliment meant to me. I started officially on Monday, but had been training and preparing for it the previous four weeks, just so that I was sure I could push forward at full speed. My energy increases are amazing.

    Best of life to you all. We can do this together. Can't wait to see  all of your transformations.

    Vegas Dave--I know we can do this, and together we are so much stronger. We have the power!!

  • Hello Week 2!!!

    Looking forward to another great week with BFL! I lost 3 lbs last week and several inches. I did my cardio this morning and reached my 10 with a 12% incline!!!

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Hi all

    Am doing great so far, not looking at the weight just looking at the inch's coming off!!  I am already in some clothes that before felt tight and now are feeling loose(r).  I have hit some 10s on my weights and a couple of times on my cardio.  Had a problem to start with getting all 6 meals in but have sorted that out my having a meal replacement bar and a shake.  The 12 hour night shifts take a little planning out especially the first and last nights but have now got it organised (I think!).  I have more energy, more motivation and am no longer sluggish.  My sleep has improved 10 fold.  I love this programme.  Hope everyone else is having such a great time on this.


  • YOU ROCK Champster!

  • Wow nice job on the incline!!

    I reached a H.P. on the treadmill of a 5.5 with no incline.

    I was sweating bullets and couldnt do anymore.

    A few days ago my HP was 5.2 so I.m heading on the right trac.

    Havent attempted the incline yet though.

    Can't wait to reach a 5.6 next time.

    Can't believe I'm saying "can't wait"

    Amazing feeling.isn't it?

  • Hi friends,

    I reached a HP of 5.6 on the treadmil.

    was really working hard; I moaned out loud a couple of times. lol

    I also did a 1 degree on incline.

    Hows everyone doin??

  • Hi All

    I cannot believe we are officially in week 3.  I don't think we can still be considered NEW-Newbies. :-)

    But Newbies we are.

    Training has been good. Still a bit difficult on the diet, as I still did not manage to get the Shakes... (Plan to do that soon).  I am also noticing some changes, small but I can feel it. eg. My skin just seems so much smoother, and radiating.Must be due to all the sweating :-)

    Other than that, I am still pushing on. Thank you for all the posts, I really gain alot of insight, especially when I have a stupid question, or a question I think is stupid, someone re-assures me that it is not stupid at all. Help alot..

    Thanks a lot.

    Good luck with week 3