Want to start on Monday 28 June 2010. Any advice?

  • Hi , I just had my brthday a few days ago, and felt that the time is now (again). I have been reading the body for life book for a while now. To be honest. This is the third time i am reading the book, and I have used some of the techniques to get me from 95kg to 88kg.

    So here I am at 88kg, and am hoping to get fit, and toned. Every time I read the book I get all motivated, and inspired, but then it just dies down. After the birth of my baby almost 3 years ago, I lost myself, and nearly plummeted into depression, and I think this can help me become ME again.

    What can I do to let this time be the time that I start and stick to the "plan" I just want something that can work for me, and looking at the amount of time required to spend in the gym, I can surely do that.

    There is so much i want to ask and share, I am really tired....


  • Just remember that a healthier you becomes a healthier mother.  Give yourself some guilt free time for improvement.  You deserve it.  

    Plan your meals, spend time on Sunday preparing baked/grilled chicken or turkey or whatever your lean protein might be and freeze it in single serving ziplocs, then it's grab and go.  The time you spend on Sunday will be worth tenfold when you can relax and know you are prepared.

    Congrats on your decision!  With BFL you can change your life.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hi

    Plan Plan Plan

    Plan the night before your meals, your w/o.

    Keep a calander with your w/o listed and post it and mark it after you've worked out.

    Keep a daily journal of your transformation.

    Good Luck

  • I am also starting on the 28th.  We can do this journey together.. This is going to be so exciting.

  • I read the book a few times before I started too. The main thing is now you are ready so don't look back. No matter what focus on your goals, stay positive (this forum is a great place for that!) and keep going. You will succeed!!

    I will reiterate what has been said above because it is crucial: Plan your meals and your workouts the day before.

    I picked up the Body-for-Life Success Journal and without a doubt it kept me on track for all 12 weeks. It has all the daily forms (you can download the forms on this site in the Tools section) plus is filled with inspirational words from Bill Phillips and has a success story for every day.

    Congrats on making the decision to transform into a new and better you.

    BFL is a  team. We are stronger together.  If you have questions or are feeling lost or down there a many supportive and helpful people on this forum.

    Good luck Monday morning.


  • HI all

    I thank you a million times for  the support. Today marks Day 17, almost completing week 3.

    These few weeks has been easier than I though it would be. I also have support from my husband, and that helps alot. I have also found a few forums / chats where they chat about just everything. I log on every day, and just soak in as much as I can.

    Thank you once again. I will be asking more questions soon,,

    Melissa D