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  • Hi Corina!

    I just started my first BFL challenge today!  So, I don't have any experience to base anything from, but I did buy the Eating For Life Cookbook.  I spent all day yesterday preparing meals for the week to come!  I taste tested as I went along, and LOVED everything I made from the cookbok!  And the best part is, it's already set up with all the right portions of protein, carb and veggies!


  • Clarissa,

    Good for you, starting today and preparing these meals in advance. Good luck and keep me posted on how you are doing. I am in week 7 with my fiance. I would absolutely love to get a copy of that cookbook. Would you mind giving me the ISBN number so i can order it from Chapters? I can't find it online. Thanx. ;)


  • Sure, I actually have it sitting right in front of me!.  I borrowed it from the libray at first to see if I would like it, and I like the recipes so much I ordered a copy for myself so I can write in it.  The ISBN# 0-9720184-1-7.  It says in the book that the recipes are designed to be a midway point between a portion size for a man and a woman, so I just slightly reduce the amount of carb and protein used in each recipe!  The Hot Stuff Chili recipe on page 179 is AMAZING!

  • Corina and Clarissa,

    Just FYI about the Eating for Life Cookbook.  It is a great cookbook, and I have tried many of the recipes, but most of the recipes are NOT for challenge results.  According to most posters, especially the vets/champs, most of those recipes are for maintenance.  They are not in the correct proportions for fat loss, but can be used to maintain.  There are some recipes that are okay, like the cottage cheese pancakes, which are AWESOME!  Some others are okay, and Sharon Wonder Woman has posted a list of which recipes are acceptable.  Hopefully she will chime in.  But Clarissa is right - if you adjust the portion sizes, you might be okay.  Just use caution.

    As for the pancakes - 1C. LF cottage cheese, 6 egg whites - blend and add cinnamon, stevia, and vanilla.  I add a lot of these since I don't use syrup on them, except for a small amt of SF syrup, and they add a ton of flavor.  Then add 1C whole oats and blend, but don't overdo the blending or they get runny.  Then cook as usual.  Use just a splash of SF Syrup, or some use a TSP of SF jam and spread it over top.  Go sooo light on those though.

    Good luck ladies!


  • Clarissa and Corina,

    I just bumped a thread to the top for you called "Eating for life...".  It has the list of "approved" EFL recipes by page number. Hope that helps.


  • Pretty much what everyone else has said. Carbs alone will not help you achieve your goals, which i assume is to burn fat and/or gain lean muscle. Rule of thumb, ALWAYS include a protein in each meal. No if's, and's, or but's.

    I will drink a protein shake if I'm not in the mood to eat the same protein. Just a suggestion.

  • Corina: In regards to egg whites.....when I make an omlette I use one whole egg and the rest egg whites. I buy egg whites in a carton which are very easy to use. I also add egg whites (from a carton) to my protein shakes. Egg whites from a carton are "pasturized" so you can eat them without cooking them. I usually buy mine at Walmart for $2.00 for a 500 ml. carton. Hope this helps.....all the best on your challenge.

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  • For me, it's pretty simple...... I much prefer being a little bored with my protein and carb choices to being unhappy about being out of shape.  I think back to being overweight and miserable and I remember that at that point, I would have gladly traded places with a fit me who was bored with my protein choices.  Now, I wouldn't go back for anything!  ;o)  Stick with it.  Change it up once in a while with a Shake or a Bar.  You can do it.

  • hi dave, acgtually i do eat the bars every day and i can finally manage to drinnk the shakes. I can't stand the vanilla or berry, they are so chalky and the smell even turns my stomach. However, the chocolate is good if i put 6 ice cubes in with the water and plug my nose while i drink! lol. Thanx for the pep talk, you are absolutely right  ;)


  • thanx julie, i will definitely check that out ;)


  • thanx clarissa, i just ordered the book from chapters, since they didn't have any in stock. I can't wait to get ahold of it! I hope it has pics too. So how is your challenge going? Maybe i can be of help to you in some way ;)


  • DaveND.......great observation. Your post is right on!!!!!

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  • Have you tried the EAS  100% Whey Protein? The chocolate one is delicious! I just blend it with fat free milk and a couple of ice cubes. It tastes like desert! The milk has some carbs already (about 12 grams) it so I usually have a tiny bit of fruit with it...a couple of strawberries for example, to round out the meal.

    Keep up the good work! You can do this!

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