My worries

  • Hi everyone!  Im currently at C1W5D3 and needs some words of encouragement.  I'm getting married Sept 11 of this year and began body for life not only as a way to get in shape for my wedding, but also to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.  I'm a 5'7"  28 year old female and weigh 155 lbs currently..started at's where some of my frustration comes in. I know everyone is going to say not to look at the scale & I know this, but it's hard right now when I'm only 12 weeks away from my wedding.  My measurements haven't changed either, and I'm following the plan to a T.  I'm just worried since I'm putting so much faith into this program and think what if  I  get to the end of 12 weeks without results...  as a soon to be bride this is freaking me out cause  I want to feel good on my wedding day.  Also tonight was the first night I cheated on a non cheat day...we had food tasting with all my family to decide the dishes to be served at the wedding reception and I said screw it for that one meal..I know I just need to get back on track in the morning, but I'm just at a standstill for some reason.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi There...I did the same thing that you are doing for my wedding day. You wanna know something funny? I worked for 12 months 6 days a week, 2 hours every day and had a trainer twice a week. I WAS EXHAUSTED but I had a hard body by the time I got married...but then my wedding dress didn't fit because I was so fit! I didn't have time to do another fitting right before the day. A lot can happen in 12 weeks. Just keep going forward.............

  • hang in there!  You know that for women most of the changes happen week eight and later.  I bet you're just about to turn a corner.  Also, you are NOT severely overweight at all! You've got the right goal "getting fit".  My only other advise is to make today your "offical" free day and don't do another free day on your regularly scheduled one.

    I did my first unauthorized eating today too and it was VERY MINOR but I'm still really disappointed.  Just gotta keep going. Oh, and at the end of your challenge come back here and post that I was right and it was all worth it!

  • Hey Magil34,

        I had 3 months to "lose weight" for my wedding and actually gained weight!  I was uncomfortable in

    my dress and am now somewhat bummed when I see the pics...(I love my husband, though)...I tried to

    lose weight on my own and it didn't work!  You are on the right track and have a ton of support!  Keep

    positive and know that there may be times that you slip...but it is how you recover from it that is


    You will get there...have faith!

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • Don't have faith in the program - have faith in your ability to complete it. You are working on a masterpiece: YOURSELF, and BFL is just one of the tools to help you chip away at those rough edges. Beyond that, have faith that you will have completely change your lifestyle. Here's what I am learning (I am in week 6):

    1. Stressing about it won't make it happen any faster, in fact it has the opposite effect

    2. Talking about it helps (good for you reaching out to the forum)

    3. You are NOT alone

    4. Everyone's story is different

    5. We are on the path to mental transformation - the body will come

    You had a cheat day on a non cheat day. Brush yourself off and try again. I don;t know you, but I am already proud of your efforts.

    Based on the wisdom and encouragement of those on the forum. I have decided to put my scale AWAY.  I visualize my body as it should be and keep pressing on. You do teh same. See you in the winner's circle!!!

    Isaiah 43:18-19

  • You've got plenty to stress over, don't add BFL to the list of stressors.  

    Use BFL to destress from the rest of the wedding planning.

    If you pour all of that frustration into your workouts and eat clean, you will feel better and the results will come.

    When you get to the gym to do your cardio, think of all of the frustrating things you've dealt with and kick some cardio @$$.  Make it fun.  You will love the release that kick@$$ cardio will bring.  Mad at the caterer?  Use that frustration to get you to the next level on your weights.  Use the negatives to push you harder in the gym.  Results will come.

    Channel your frustrations into positive results.  It's a win/win attitude.  Use the tools to your benefit.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Stress can play many tricks on you. It can cause a woman's body to stop producing enough cortisol, the result could be poor metabolism to name but one.

    However if you feel you are not extremely stressed out, then you should look for the answer elsewhere.

    How well do you limit the portion size of your meals? Are you eating foods that you believe to be healthy when in fact they are not?  Snacking? Using too much salt?

    Cut out bread... all forms of bread, even wholewheat, for a week or so and see if that helps. Try to get your good carbs from oatmeal..just one good example.. (and not cinnamon/ honey flavor) .. plain old boring oatmeal. Stick to what you know is healthy, skinless chicken *** , tuna in water not oil.. and so on. Eggs also, although they are kinda high in cholesterol (..the egg yolk is).

    ... hope this helps..

  • Have you seen the page that Mike did on the "Week 8 miracle"? I can't remember where it is, but maybe some "oldtimers" can post how to get to it. Apparently, it TRULY is a phenomenon. I can't wait to get there to experience it for myself!

    Remember, the laws of physics say that if you are burning more calories than you are taking in, your body MUST respond eventually. My advice would be to JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL so that you aren't missing any "accidental" calories that are sneaking in somewhere.

    Good luck on the wedding - I hope your hubs is as great as mine!

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL

  • thanks everyone for the advice and support!!

  • Now I really need some advice!!  So last week when I posted that comment I never thought I would be where I am now.  Last Wed I was on C1W5D3 and now I don't know where to say I am.  After my "cheat" day on Wed I got back on track thurs and by that evening I got a call that a tragic accident happened to a member of my family.  The next three days were spend being with my family and unfortunately during this tough time exercise and eating right were not at the top of my priority list.  I ate whatever people brought to the hospital and I could get my hands on at the time.  Now that everything is sinking in I'm realizing what has happened and that I need to get back on track.  I have essentially lost 6 days and when I weighed myself this morning I'm up 2 lbs from my start weight for the challenge.  I'm getting married in 12 weeks and that in itself is stressing me out.  Do I start over with my challenge, or continue on from where I was.  Part of me feels that if I continue from where I was I would be lying to myself to say I'm in week 6.  I feel like I've lost all the progress I made and I'm really back to square one anyways.  I would really appreciate some advice.  Thanks everyone!!!

  • Sorry to hear about the accident... I'm not entirely in the same boat as you but my last 6 days have also been an entire loss. I was able to stick to the meals I planned out(sort of) but I was working on avrg 13 hours a day and mostly standing so I had no energy left to go to the gym after work.

    So its Sunday and I'm sitting here planning my next week and asking myself the same question. The answer I arrived at is that it would not be called a challenge if there were no obstacles... starting over seems like an easy way out.

    But since your wedding is 12 weeks away this could still be an option for you.. but what if life gets in the way again at say w4d6 of you new challenge... will you start over again??.. and again??

    Hit the gym and hit your highpoints. Try to do one week perfectly despite what may happen around you and I'm sure you'll see more results in that one week than in the five weeks behind you.

    If you finish the challenge 5 lbs lighter than you started its still progress.

    Read some of the stories in your BFL journal for motivation.

    Some tips.

    - If you're feeling to full to eat a small meal every 3 hrs your meals may be to big.

    -Eat much more protein and less carbs.

    -Don't use sweetners. This tricks your brain into thinking it received sugar and responds by releasing insulin when it is not neaded. This wreaks havoc on your blood sugar if you are NOT a diabetic.

    -Avoid bread. at all costs.

    -Try to do your cardio on an empty stomach. This will promote fat burn and not fitness.

    -Avoid mayonnaise.

    -Use myoplex lite.

    -Always be honest with yourself. "..excuses are lies that you tell to yourself..."

    Hope some of this helps... and don't quit..finish challenge 1.

  • LeonV - Great response.  A ton of great advice in your post.

    Magil34 - This is a week after your last post here...I hope you kept on the BFL train!  How are you doing?  Just keep on keeping on lady!!



  • Thanks for letting us know that things can happen at week eight or later.My husband and I are hitting the high points in the gym and doing well there. Notice changes in firming and toning muscles but no weight loss. Our problem has been food portions; not bad food choices but fresh vegetables out of the garden. And we have not been able to purchase any of the BFL products because of cost. My husband lost his job and his unemployment is only stretching so far and we have gone thru all our savings. Need lots of encouragement along the way!  We are in week five and not giving up but refocusing and watching those portions.