How's this for motivation?

  • Hi everyone!  I did the BFL program over 8 years ago to much success.  Being a Type II diabetic for over 18 years now, I was always looking for the next big thing to help me lose my excess weight once and for all!  The BFL program, along with the EAS supplements, helped me to nearly reach that goal.  I still believe it was the MOST effective program I ever tried.

    Trouble is, I fell off the wagon, time and time again.  Last year, 4 friends and I trained very hard, and rode our bicycles from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC, along the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal trails.  It took us a week, and I fell a day short due to some swelling in my leg.

    I thought I was in pretty good shape, but because of the injury to my leg, which went undiagnosed for nearly a year, I did not exercise much at all.  The result - I ballooned back up to 275 lbs., and my blood sugars were out of control, even with insulin injections and oral medications.

    Then, in late March, I was in DC on business, and walked to lunch with my friend.  By the time we got to the restaurant, it felt like someone was stepping on my chest!  When I rested, it went away, and came back on the walk back to the office.  It was obvious what was happening, and although I was in a state of denial, I knew what was about to transpire.

    Luckily, I did not have a heart attack, and when I returned home from the business trip 2 days later (yes, I did not go to the hospital in DC), I immediately went to the ER.

    After an exercise stress test, and a heart catheterization, it was determined that my heart was only pumping at 46% efficiency, and I had 5 blockages ranging from 60 - 90%.  Oh crap!  Because of the complexity of where the blockages were, and because I have been a diabetic for so long, the cardiologists recommended I have a bypass procedure.  50 years old, and I had a quadruple bypass!  That was 10 weeks ago.

    I underwent 4 weeks of cardio rehab, and am now on my own with the exercise program, and have decided to return to BFL, because it had worked so well for me in the past.  I am not looking to bulk up at all, but to increase muscle tone, reduce body fat percentage, and increase my flexibility.

    I've lost 30 pounds since returning home from the hospital, now at 240, and am looking forward to a new, slimmer me! 

    My abyss has always been the psychological aspect of it.  I know perfectly well WHAT I need to do....but doing it has always been the problem.  And now, having undergone one of the most invasive procedures a human can undergo, I have perfect motivation to better myself, and NEVER give up on taking care of myself, first and foremost!!!

    Rock on!!


  • It sounds like your ready for a change! Challenges have a beginning and an end, and too many people go back to a lifestyle that got them into a bad situation in the first place. I'm glad you have the intention of never giving up. There are a lot of committed people here that will cheer you on, and some that are willing to scold you when you slip up! Stay in touch with the BFL family, and tell us your progress.

    Bob Whitmore 2007 BFL Mens Champion age 46+

  • Bump - Diabetics read this!

  • WOW!!! What the hell do I have to complain about then.. right?? You are truly ablessing in disguise for me and someothers here...THANK YOU Heavy G!!

  • Wow, HeavyG, your story is very inspiring. I am so happy that you have decided to make this change and fight for a healthy you!!! My mother was in a similar situation, she had a heart attack but did not need by pass surgery just stints put in her arteries, she completed a BFL challenge and has maintained a healthy lifestyle ever since. You can do this!!!!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • There are inspirational stories all around, and yours is one of the most inspiring.  Good luck on your journey, and I wish you all the best.

  • Many thanks from all for the kind words!  Just remember...exercise and proper diet = life!!!

  • Did a 15-mile bike ride yesterday!  The area around Pittsburgh has a lot of biking/walking trails, built on  old recovered railroad beds.  The good thing about them is they're generally pretty flat, with less than 1.5% grade, so they're pretty easy to ride,

    Averaged 106 on the heart rate, with a max of 135.  Speed average was 9,5mph, with a max of 16mph.  Total time on the ride was about 110 minutes.

    If you'vbe never seen this site, check it out!  There are some good pointers and tips about the BFL program.