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  • In a recent Consumer Reports article, Myoplex original rich chocolate was one of many nutrition supplements tested for safety. It was found to have high levels of cadmium and arsenic.

    No other EAS products were tested in this report but it should be known and considered to be a possibility here since EAS product use is a requirement to enter the official BFL challenge contest.

    EAS has a statement on their website responding to the article.

    EAS is owned by Abbott Labs, they also make Ensure and Pediasure, among many other "supplements" for nutrition that are not required to be tested for safety by the US government.

    --- Kitty


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  • Hi Kitty,

        The Consumer Reports article, as is often the case, is very misleading.  The levels of Cadmium and Arsenic in the EAS shakes is well below the Goverment requirement for these substances.  The products are indeed safe, and in fact I had a Myoplex shake this morning after my workout and will have another one tonight for my last meal.

        I can also assure you that every product made by both EAS and Abbott is extensively tested and meets all Governement requirements.  Every product.

       Abbott and EAS take issues like this very seriously, and customer safety is at the very top of their priority list.


  • Hi Kitty,

    We'd love to address your questions regarding the Consumer Reports article and the safety of EAS ® products. Please give us a call Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5 pm EST at 1-800-297-9776.

    We look forward to speaking with you!

    The EAS Team

  • I have used EAS products for years and have always had normal bloodwork. I myself am a registered nurse and 24 days into my transformation. I believe in EAS products and have administered Abbott products to patients for many years with no issues.

    I think there are companies out there that don't care about the consumer. EAS is not one of these. It is a very established company and this program is a Godsend for many of us!