thinking of trying this without the freeday

  • I dunno maybe im mad but whenever I do freedays I tend to go overboard way too much and I just feel that those that may amazing changes really do not pig out that much

  • I'd suggest a free meal instead of a free day. there is some physiological benefit to having one high fat high carb meal a week.

  • I agree w/ llpirata. A free meal is a great way to indulge in any cravings you may have had during the week and can be the perfect "reset" button to help you re-focus and commit to clean eating for another week!

  • Just my thoughts but what I have found from reading posts and my own experience is that a lot of the champions started off having somewhat crazy free days but as the weeks went on as these splurges made them feel worse each week and they mental came to the decision that this was a change for life they CHOOSE to cut back to just having a free meal rather than only allowng themselves it.

    I have had a couple of free days that were over board but I learnt from them and how they made me feel and now I eat to plan most of the day have a free meal and a few other bits, but if its free day and clean food isnt around i just go with and enjoy.

    If you only allow yourself a meal as apposed to mentally growing to choosing to only have a meal (theres a difference) you are more likely to find it difficult to not just eat whatever you want when you "finish" whereas if you get to the point where this plan is for life and you choose to implement control even when you dont have to you are more likely to maintain and improve on all your good work at the end of the challenge.

    This where i'm hoping to get to anyway.

    Sian x

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  • I don't believe a fee day is an excuse to "pig out" but rather a chance to eat a little different and a little more.  If you pig out you sabatoge your results.  

  • 6pack I see you are still struggling with free day.  Still cutting carbs during the week as well?

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  • I've decided to plan out my Free Days with specific "treats" that I love, like Peanut M&Ms. I've experienced discomfort with overeating in the past before starting B-F-L and know what not to do: Don't pig out. It'll make you feel gross. Good luck!