Looking for support.

  • I'm new to The Body For Life program, but I have read all the books and have started going through the program and cannot seem to follow it for the life of me. I was curious if any of the community members have struggled with Binge eating and Anorexia/Bulimia? I have struggled with these disorders for almost four years, I'm on my death bed, but I cannot seem to stop. I have tried everything, in patient treatment, out patient treatment, group therapy, hospitalization, I'm looking for anyone who can offer me advice to overcome this obstacle that is hindering my success. I know in the book eating for life that there were contestants that overcame binge eating while on this program and I'm pleading that it will work for me to actually save my life. Can anyone help me?

  • I do not suffer from binge eating, but there are definitely people on BFL who have had the problem.  If I remember correctly, the emotional problems causing the binge eating have to be dealt with separately.  BFL cannot cure binge eating, but it can wonderfully complement your recovery and help you to become the person you are looking for.   Most probably you will hear back from others that can help you, based on their own experience.  If you don't get any answers, repost and include the words binge eating in your title, that will get everyone's attention.

    Stick with it. I must be very hard for you at the moment, but if you really want to change, you have the ability to make things happen.  You may have to also get professional help, but you have to remember that you are the one in charge of changing your life around.

    Don't give

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life