Week 7 Slump!

  • The long weekend really did me in. I totally got out of my routine and had a horrible/wonderful free day. I ate and drank with friends all day and woke up Sunday with not an alcohol hangover but a food hangover. I felt like crap all day and could get myself to the gym. I woke up today still feeling discouraged. I feel like I lost everything I have been working for in the first 6wks in one day. Up until now I hadn't faultered once and now I'm 3 workouts behind. Please help me with suggestions. I will hit the gym tonight and don't know if I should double up workouts for the next two days or if I should skip the cardio and focus on the strength.... grrr. Super frustrating. I was feeling and looking great Sunday morning!! I can't believe what one poor day of eating can do to your mood and self worth for this extened period of time.


    Back on the horse today!

  • I have been where you are at my friend - pick it up where you left off and dont look back. Make this your life....one day after another. You did not lose 6 weeks of hard work, you learned a lesson - what not to do again. Things happen, LIFE gets in the way...just keep at it. Believe in yourself.

    This is a copy of a quote Chris Cary posted awhile back. I like it. Take what you can from it and make it your own.

    "Your body tells the story of your life. What you’ve been doing, what you’ve been neglecting, what you’ve sacrificed and what you’ve achieved. Your body sends signals to the world around you about what you believe in, what you are here for and down what path you are walking. Your body is truly your document on how high you hold yourself. A neglected body means you neglect yourself.

    I can feel sorry for bodies I see that are unhappy, miserable. Our bodies don’t choose their masters. When you let yourself go too far, don’t you feel bad for doing it to your innocent body? Your muscles are just doing what you are asking of them to do! And your body is not stupid for not losing fat the way you want it. And if you don’t have the structure you’d love to have, don’t get angry with your individual genetic makeup… Please don’t call your body dumb… It just tries to please you… Even if it does not do it the way you want it served on a silver plate.

    Eating healthy, not to be lean and shredded but to be in good health, should not be a choice, it should be a requirement. if you choose not to, you should not count of health care treating you when your heart is giving out and your blood pressure is sky rocketing and your arteries clogged.

    I’m sorry, but I cannot really justify the constant fast food eating that a lot of people are used to. There are choices. If there are no choices, make a change, ask for change.

    For all you who have many, many pounds to lose… I know it is a long journey… But give it time, you did not get to where you are in a week did you? it will take time, you must give it time! Crash dieting is just asking for trouble. If it took you 5 years to get overweight, don’t expect it to be removed in 3 months time….

    And for all you who give up on ever reaching a healthy weight: what kind of loser mentality is that? seeing yourself as a failure so you don’t have a reason to keep on working on it? You can never blame “not having the character” or “not enough time”, or “extreme cravings”. We ALL have that. WORK IT OUT. If you want to find solutions you WILL find them. It’s when you say “I cannot” you truly cannot.

    Give yourself respect. Stop treating yourself like a dumpster. It will take some big time work, yes, but then think about the PRIDE and SATISFACTION you will gain from actually solving the problem and reaching your goals. THAT experience will apply to other areas in life and you will feel a lot more confidence in the fact you really can achieve all you truly want." ~ Pauline Nordin

  • DON'T QUIT NOW!.. Everyone screws up.  Get back on schedule..don't double up, don't drop out the cardio.  Just pick up where you left off.  

    Think about the lesson you've learned.  Good chance you will not binge again on a free day, and start dropping workouts.

    Progress not perfection is the goal.

    We all screw up sometimes.  The dumb ones don't learn from it.  The smart ones learn and succeed.

    Have at it and Lift Heavy!!

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • Thank you both so much for the encouragement I needed today. I have been praying to get my drive and determination back since last night and I starting to feel it again. Thank you, thank you. I will take you advice Jeff and just move forward with my workouts which will in turn set my completion date out a few extra days but I guess that is the price I have to pay for my "slump". I leave for vacation july 2nd which happens to be the day after my 12 weeks were suppose to be up. I planned to start challenge #2 with my boyfriend who has been noticing my results and wants to give it a shot.

    A few deep breaths and one to wrapping up week 7 with a very big lesson learned.

  • 2 great workouts since the slump and I am back! I feel the burn from my head to my toes and I'm excited to be back on track. Looking ahead to week 8 and am grateful to those who take the time to reply on this forum.

    RIP Mike

    My younger brother died at 22yrs old and was also an organ donator. He donated his eyes, skin, liver, kidneys and heart! We actually spend time each year with the man the received Chase's heart nearly 4yrs ago. Very cool.

  • Wow legs! That was incredible!!! I'm printing it and saving it! Thanks!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Yes Dee it is a powerful quote worth reviewing every so often. Im glad you like it, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to dig for it because I needed to read it again too.

  • Thanks Legs the quote is great

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh