Farads (Motivational)

  • I sent this in an email to my brother a few months ago while he was at a week-long training course for his new career.  He had been feeling stifled, discouraged, and bogged down by all the training & coursework.  I didn't think much of it, but he tells me it helps him a lot now when he has an uninspired day.  So, I wanted to share it with my fellow BFLifers.

    I keep a sticky note on the wall in my cube that says just that - 'Farads'.  That's the standard unit of measure for capacitance (storage of electricity) - named after physicist Michael Faraday.  A Farad is, simply put, a measure of the difference in [electric] potential between two points.  I keep the note there to remind me of the difference in my potential between what I'm doing at any given moment and what I know I'm capable of.
    Something to think about as you're finally able to start realizing your potential in your new job, bro - good luck!

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  • I'm in the electronics industry and I was really surprised to find farads as a thread topic.  Nice!

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  • I am an electronics tech and was quite surprised the see the farads thread too.  I found it rather amusing.  :)