Anyone beginning week 6?

  • Yeah, I made it week 6! Anyone else out there in the same place?

    I am making progress and feel like it's coming together. I am going to be changing the weight exercises this week to keep it challenging.

    I don't seem to feel the progress in the stomach muscles. Please pass on any tips for this area and share any observations for this point of the Challenge.


  • Hi wannabefitchick!  I am a , 38 year old female.Today I am starting my 6th week too!

    I havent seen changes in how my clothes fit.. but I can tell you for sure, my legs look and feel diferent, (hard, I love it! ) I also see a big difference in my chest. which is incredible, is like when I was younger! and after nursing for a little bit more than 6 years..  you can imagine how happy I am now ;) My best wishes for you!

  • Wannabefitchick & Monasasha,

    Good to see there are others out there starting their 6th week.  I started mine on Saturday.  I'm a 50 yr old male and I've always struggled with my weight.  

    As far as progress, I've lost 11 lbs so far, but the bigger changes have been how I feel.  I have tons of energy and I'm feeling really positive about the changes I'm making.  I'm working hard and following the program to the letter.  I, too, changed up some of my exercises this week to spice things up a little. I'm also challenging myself to greater weights than ever before.

    I was frustrated by the lack of progress in the abdominal area as well.  I was sore everywhere else, but not there.  I just purchased a core stability ball from GoFit and began doing some of the abdominal exercises that are included on the DVD.  Yikes, soreness has arrived!!  I'm feeling pretty good with that now.

    I've clearly lost some inches, as I've notched my belt in a few times.  I also just feel so much stronger.  It's hard to explain, but I'm moving better and with purpose.

    I've always been annoyed with folks who rave about how much they enjoy their workouts, but I have to say that I'm hooked.  I'm really enjoying pushing myself and seeing real progress, bit by bit.

    Keep up the good work, ladies.  

  • Hi Monasasha,

    I am also happy with the the legs! The new muscles are great! My chest area is the only area that I am a little disappointed in. Mainly because I seem to have lost fat there, and I don't have much cleavage to begin with. I'll be alright if it stays the way it is, I don't want to lose any more inches there.

    Thanks for sharing, I'm glad to hear of your positive results. I am 42 and feeling younger too!

    I hear that week 8 can be a great time to see even more changes. Let's do it!

  • Hi Regbert,

    Congratulations on losing 11 pounds, that is awesome! I am also trying to follow the program by the book. Thank you for sharing and I will definately try the ab crunches on the exercise ball, that sounds like a good way to go. I want to feel soreness so that I know the stomach is getting a good work out.

    I want to make sure I get the most out of the excerises.

    I started a new gym today and felt awkward on the different machines. It is good to do different exercises and change it up. I'm sure it will be easier next time.

    That is great that you are seeing such big results. Good work! and best wishes to you on your Challenge!

  • Hello Wannabefitchick,

    I started week 6 on Monday.  I am definately noticing some changes. I have lost 7lbs and seeing this roll in the belly area I have been supporting for some many years finally melting away a bit.  But can't wait to see it flat.  I am loving the energy as well.  I change up my exercise about every 4wks.  

    Glad to see you at week six, 1/2 way there!!

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • i started week 6 on monday and finish week 6 tomorrow

    havn't noticed physical changes but from my journals i am getting a little stronger each week and i have noticed my cardio has improved alot

  • Hi again wannabefitchick. I am soo happy for you !

    I know how you feel about the chest... I think for me it is the same, but the difference even having less... (which is kind of sad ;( ) is beautiful ;)

    It  is great to know you are in the same place too!! and with great results! Younger, and energy!!! no price for that

    I am anxious about getting to week 8 also, but at the same time I am enjoying each day, each workout.  I haven't weighed my self and I have an issue with my thyroid..which makes it a little harder.. but I don't want to think about it, and I will give it time, and keep going!

    Sooo like you said.. Let's do it!!! :)

  • Regbert: Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you!

    It is great when we keep fighting and doing our best. And to realize that it is great not just because we can lose weight but because there is sooo much more than just looking nice, it is a blessing.

    For me with the years it has become in some ways harder (like to keep my weight ) but I have come though many things.. Some months ago, my back was killing me.. I had to stop exersising and to go to theraphy, but now finally my back feels great!! I feel it a lot stronger, and I can't believe that horrible everyday pain its so light and only on little part of the day! I am really happy!

    Keep doing your best and enjoying every day!

  • Taylor t,

    Glad to see another who is in the same place. That is great that you have lost 7lbs! Seeing progress is so exciting. I am also enjoying the new found engery. Yep, we're halfway there, Yeah!

  • Regbert,

    That is great news that you are no longer experiencing back pain. It is amazing that you are able to overcome that and get stronger. I'm so happy for you.

    You are so right, it would not be enough to just look good. This experience has taught me how to set goals and follow through. I have more patience, a positive outlook and enjoy helping others. I did not even know what I was missing out on before and am happy with all the new changes.

    Live each day to the fullest!

  • Nice to see another who is about halfway as well. Thanks for sharing, glad to hear you are getting stronger. The cardio is a tough one, it is also getting easier for me too.

    Best wishes for upcoming week 7!