Fell Off the Wagon

  • This weekend was a test and boy did I fail! Yesterday I worked out then decided it was going to be a free day! This morning I woke up late and didn't get my workout in but did not do well planning so I tried sticking to a descent eating plan but the options that were available were not great! Needless to say I ate bad two days in a row! I drank water for two days but the eating has me feeling soooo guilty and filled with anxiety! I have a beach trip in 4 days with no gym access...Im stressing out over a vacation! Any ideas on what I can do about eating and working out????

  • Well if you are going to be at the beach my trainer used to make me to sprints on the sand, that is a killer cardio workout! The only thing you can do is just draw a line under it and start fresh, good luck!

    The number of people that fail is directly proportionate to the number of people that give up :)

  • <<<<< Tough Love Alert >>>>>


    Snap out of it and hop back on the wagon.  Focus on what you want to look like and behave in ways that will get you there.  Don't make excuses like " I tried sticking to a decent eating plan but the options that were available were not great! "

    Your statement above sounds like you are trying to make yourself a victim.  Take control back right now and create your healthy environment.

    By making the other statement above about stressing out, I believe you are already trying to build the case for eating poorly and not working out.  Please, for your sake, don't take the easy way out by slipping back to behaviors that got you into the shape you were in when starting BFL.  Choose to eat right and workout.

    As to your last question "Any ideas on what I can do about eating and working out????"

    Yes, eat 6 nutritious meals a day including one protein portion and one carb portion.  Add veggies to at least 2 of those meals.  It is quite simple.  Plan for the trip now.  Substitute protein shakes or bars if you have to for some of those meals.

    Find a gym in the area you are visiting and get a temporary membership or use a hotel workout room or run like mad on the beach.  Do walking lunges on the beach...just do something!  Keep your momentum going and don't settle for excuses.

    I hope that you make good choices on your trip and enjoy yourself asd4ever21.  You can do this if you want to.....Do you want to?

  • stretchy rubber band tubing is easy to pack on a trip... not exactly a 35lb dumbbell, but it's better than nothing! JamesK is right... just forget your setback... get back on the wagon and keep moving forward. push-ups, sit-ups, lunges... your basic "prison workout" should suffice for a few days.

    Good luck!

  • Two challenging days are not the end, try to learn from it and make adjustments. You can survive a vacation if you do some planning. Can you take some shakes and bars on the trip?

    Look for progress and not perfection. Best wishes, you can do it!!