L-glutamine or HMB (or both)?

  • I am winding down my first challenge with ok results.  I got out what I put in as I really tried to get myself organized.  I am really excited for challenge 2 and expect great results as I know my way around the gym now and realize the mistakes I made with diet and focus.  I'm a long way from the uninspired guy I was 12 weeks ago and for that I'm pleased. 

    My goal will be to get lean and tone. I want to use supplements to my best advantage.  Any advice will be appreciated.



  • Hi Ken,

    Good job, we all learn as we go. I noticed there is an EAS phone number in the Challenge kit, if you are looking for more information on supplements. I have found some really knowledgeable people at the GNC store as well. I am in week 6 of my first Challenge and am going to find out more about Creatine and Phosphagen. Best wishes to you and good luck! You can do it!

  • Hi Ken,

    I don't know much about HMB, but I know a couple things about L-Glutamine.  L-Glutamine is typically used as a post-workout supplement.  It is the most prevalent amino acid used in your body, and taking extra will help your muscles rebuild & recover more quickly.   I just started the challenege, but I'm using L-Glutamine - I won't know for certain how well it works for me until I see how long it takes me to recover, but I know some serious power lifters who swear by it.

    Phosphagen / Creatine can help help you maximize your workouts when taken beforehand.  If you're having trouble hitting your 10s, or you want to take it to the next level for your second challenge, you might consider that.

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