Allergies and food options

  • OK, here's a doosie for you.  I went to the allergist this past Tuesday.  After moving to KY my allergies have been getting progressively worse, to the point I couldn't take it anymore.  He can treat for the airborne allergens and has listed the foods I showed an allergic reaction to.  Those foods I can not eat for the next two weeks.  After that I can intergrate them back into my diet one at a time to see whether or not that food causes a reaction.  So, at least for the next two weeks, I'm in a pickle.  I CAN'T eat (and I'll list only the foods that should be a big part of my diet now):

    Milk and milk products, Egg and egg products, pasta, soybean, potato (white), anything with peanuts, corn and wheat.  My protein shake has milk product.  I've not had a chance to really sit down and figure out what I can eat.  I had salmon, asparagus and mixed vegetables for lunch but had only eaten a banana before that.  I was starved!  I'm feeling very screwed right now. Help!!!


  • Don't fret! There are TONS of things you can eat.  Look at this as an opportunity to up the anty with your clean eating and stick to whole foods. There are vegan protein powders out there too that you can use to make plenty of things, like shakes, protein bars, protein pancakes, protein oatmeal, etc...

    How about some of these meal ideas?

    -spaghetti squash with ground turkey *** & marinara

    -grilled chicken *** or any type of grilled seafood with sweet potato and steamed veggies

    -Eating for LIFE meatloaf w/mashed cauliflower and steamed veggies

    -Chilii made with ground turkey, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, onions, chili powder

    -Ezekiel sprouted grain bread (they make wheat free ones) w/all natural sliced deli meat, mustard & veggies

    -Can you do rice based pastas? There are many brown rice pastas out there if so. Can make it with grilled shrimp or chicken, evoo, garlic and veggies.

    -Brown rice with stir fry veggies and lean beef, chicken or shrimp

    -Kabobs with brown rice or sweet potatoes or beans/legumes

    -Gluten free/corn free tortillas can be used to make SO many different types of wraps! Throw some veggies hot or cold in with your choice of protein and add some vinagrette, mustard or hummus. yum!

    -Steamed lentils topped with grilled chicken and veggies sauteed in evoo.

    -tons of different salad options!

        BBQ chicken salad (greens & veggies w/grilled chicken & black beans)

        Chicken fajita salad (green w/grilled chicken,sauteed onions and peppers.. also a great wrap option)

        ....endless options here

    Just a few ideas, but there really are so many more. Look at this as a fun learning experience. I think you'll end up learning a lot about what is actually in the foods most American's eat. Corn and soy are in everything in this country! It's crazy and out of control! Very sad.

    Might be a good idea to visit a Whole Foods or other health food store to get some more ideas on things you can easily incorporate. I think if you did, you'd leave feeling relieved, because there are many products out there that don't contain any of the ingredients you need to avoid. Who knows, you might find some new favorite foods and never want some of those old favorites if limiting them helps you improve your health. You can do this! Stay positive and be open to trying new things! Best to you!

    "If you want something you've never had, you must do things you've never done!"

  • Whew! EmAlvers, Thanks!  Can't do the rice but this gives me some very good ideas on how to go about making what I can eat.  Lukily I only have to stay off most of these foods another 11 days but even when I start introducing foods back into my diet I may find I have a reaction to certain ones.   Having to create new options now will help if I find I have to eliminate certain ones all together later.

    Thanks again,