Week 4 - Midpoint.

  • We live in a world of instant gratification. I think we've all gotten to the point where we want results immediately. Before you get upset, I use the term "we" to describe the population of America at large. So, being an All-American boy I stood in front of the mirror today, midway through Week 4, and I went, "Is this working?" "I don't look any thinner," despite what the scales say, and despite the muscle tone that I can clearly see in my arms, forearms, and legs. Now, I grew up in the country, worked with animals every day before I went to school. I learned a lot about having patience and accepting that a crop doesn't pop up overnight, and that pony doesn't turn into a full grown horse instantly no matter how hard I wish. With that in mind I sit here and smile at myself stupidly, remembering those lessons I learned a long time ago. I can hear my mom and dad telling me, "Son, you can pray all you want, but that horse is going to have to grow up on its own. It's week 4, not week 11, you can see results, so calm down boy. It'll be alright. You're doing good."

    It's funny how much we forget about growing up, when we think we're grown up.

    Night all, you're all doing awesome!


  • Heath.. That is great insight. I know what you mean about instant gratification. I've tried things like the South Beach diet and Weight Watchers... they are totally instant gratifiction set and do not put much emphasis on working out.. anyways.. keep up the good work. I know I will probably be doing the same as you at my 4th week.. keep it up ~alicia

  • Thats great motivation. I am right there with you in week 4 and too was looking at my new found muscle tone thinking  this is really working isn't it? I have not seen the scale move but my belly fat is decreasing considerably. I still see alot of jiggle and think twice but gotta let BFL work its magic in 12 weeks not 4....

    thanks for the post. Stay motivated cause we are on the right track..

  • Keep in mind everybody, forget about what the scale says(to an extent). losing body fat percentage is more important that seeing the scale drop a few pounds. muscle is more dense than fat so if you loose fat and gain muscle you could accually have gained weight according to the scale. keep in mind i didnt say any exact measurement of fat lost and muscle gained. if you loose a pound of fat and gain a pound of muscle you will be the same, but looking at fat percentage lost and not the scale might help you from getting discouraged or demotivated. stay in the fight

  • o my goodness thank you for this post.  I am rounding week 3 and going into week 4 and wow has it been tough not seeing the results.  For me its somewhat difficult because I think that i am eating clean and working hard, but of course my body isnt changing as fast as I want it too.  Your post helps to remind me that I didnt get out of shape overnight, so how can I expect to get back in shape overnight as well.  

    Eva Jo: I am in the same boat as you.  I still see a jiggle (probably more than before just because i am so focused on it now), the scale really hasnt moved, but my tummy and butt are starting to get smaller.  its so nice when i turn to the side and i can see side abs... now thats my gratification...

    Keep up all the hard work everyone!!!!!