So hungrey, Grrrr

  • So I'm on C1W6D7 and am starving. Its 9:00am and I've already had 2 pure protein bars 2 1/2 bottles of water and coffee... Yikes. I had my cardio this morning and have been up since 5:30 so I guess 2 meals by now is no biggy but I can't believe the first pure protein bar didn't even touch my hunger. I have been really feeling great and have been following the program to a -T-. My boyfriend said he would like to try the challenge after I'm finished so I took that as a compliment. He must think its working...

    Any suggestions for a great calf wprkout? I can't seem to get them to a high point no matter what I try

  • Hello.  I am on C1W2D2  and I can honestly say I am not hungry; it is more of a depleted feeling, like my body is eating itself, as a matter of a fact I cut out meal six and have been sticking to a meal every two hours from 9am to 5pm.  I only do the protien bars for breakfast and maybe my 3pm meal, the rest of the meals I try to cover all the bases with ALOT of water and I take a dietary supplement twice a day; that helps.  

  • Protein Bars do not last very long for me either. I would suggest only eating them if thats the only option, make it a back up option. I have a couple in my car just in case I get stuck somewhere with no food.

  • 11wks2go,  I have found that calf raises holding weights was not working me hard enough.  What I do now is use a Leg Press machine and place the balls of my feet at the lower edge of the platform.  This allows me to get full range of motion as my heels dip below the platform and I flex the ankles/calves.  I can put much more weight on them this way and really get the exhaustion/burn.

  • Hey James... are you starting over? You helped me out a couple weeks ago and it really helped me get focused. Anyways, thanks for the calf tip. : )

  • i've felt hungrier on certain weeks more than others. Week 8 I thought I would die from hunger, now in week 10 I'm fine. During that hungry week, I sometimes ate a 7th meal, or added a bit more to my other meals.

  • 11wks2go, I suggest eating a serving of egg whites, a piece of whole wheat toast or a piece of fruit. I also find that if I work out, drink a double helping of water, and then eat, usually it's 7:40am, that I can last till 10:40, which is when I have my second meal. Another alternative is to take a whole wheat tortilla, get your smallest skillet good and hot and then pour your serving of egg white in, this should fill the pan and make a nice, round egg white that's mostly done. Let it sit and then when it's cooked thoroughly, take it out and lay it straight on the tortilla. Sprinkle with a pinch of low fat cheese, a little salsa and then roll it all up. What you get is a nice breakfast burrito roll. I find that eating an actual breakfast, drinking a double helping of water (16+ oz.) that I'm filled until time to eat again.