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  • Forum Post: Chest and Shoulders Stretching Exercises for fellow beginners

    I wasn't aware that we were supposed to use the same weight used at level 7 for level 9 repetitions ( I asked and a fellow BFLers told me on here). I hit the gym yesterday doing as told and I was terribly sore. I was not aware there are any chest stretch exercises. But today I felt my chest muscles...
  • Forum Post: Very Stiff In Spite of Stretches. HELP!

    Hi everyone, I am feeling very stiff after every workout. I do 30 minutes of stretches. I wind up being more tired and few hours later very stiff again. I am thinking of adding more stretches in the evening when my body is completely rested. May be also a quick stretch before I go to bed. Is there...
  • Forum Post: Lifting Weights - Toning vs Gaining Muscle Question

    I've always been naturually strong for a girl and I have a pretty big build without my added fat weight. I am looking to tone muscle instead of gain, but I'm only on week 2 and lifting large amounts of weight. Do I keep my my weights the same, because I don't think I will hit my 10 if I keep...