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  • Forum Post: Supplement preferences

    So started my 1st challenge back April 11th (in my 4th week) and am working down from 220lbs. This is my first post in the community but it isnt my first time here - i have been 'gleaning' lots of helpful info for some time now :) So I am happy with my workout, the cardio etc, but I want to...
  • Forum Post: How can i get more energy for lifting

    I am on week 5 and am finding I could use a little spark when I get to the gym. I tried an energy drink before going one day last week and it worked really good, I had some nervous energy and could not wait to get to the next set but afterwords I thought I was going to hurl. Any ideas on something...
  • Forum Post: phos force

    today i started using phos force.then i worked out for 50 min. do i then take my myoplex lite or do I skip it?