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  • Forum Post: Quad exercises that don't hurt my knees? (and calf help!)

    Hi Everyone, I'm almost to the end of my first challenge and I feel like I'm hitting a wall with my lower body workouts, especially with my quads and calves. For quads - I do the leg press for my first 5 reps, but am struggling to find something for my last 12 reps that doesn't kill...
  • Forum Post: Too much muscle?

    I am a 20 year old woman with a larger frame. To be perfectly honest, some of the pictures in the Body-for-LIFE books scare me, because the women look like body builders. I don't want to bulk up AT ALL, since I already have a good amount of muscle and don't need much more in certain places (like...
  • Forum Post: Efforts noticed in the gym

    I just wanted to share this story with everyone... I was just starting my LBWO this morning -- doing squats on the smith machine -- when an older gentleman approached me. He's about 75 or so and fit as a fiddle, a real Jack Lalanne type. I see him in the weight room every time I do weights...