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  • Forum Post: Great Workout

    I had a great workout today. Problem is I have not eaten my first meal yet. I plan on eating my first meal at 12pm and eating every 2 hours after that. Is that ok, BFL friends?
  • Forum Post: Unbalanced muscle definition

    Does anyone have any fixes for unbalanced muscle definition between right and left side? My abs on the left are developing more definition than on the it the result of pulling to one side during excercise?
  • Forum Post: Treadmill,Elliptical or elliptical climber

    Which is good for a great cardio workout? Treadmill,Elliptical or Elliptical Climber? I have been on the treadmill for three weeks and getting a little discouraged. One year ago when i was just excercising i lost 25lbs in 2.5 months on the elliptical climber. Which is better? How would you hit your 10's...