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  • Forum Post: Possible to do Weight Lifting workouts at home?

    Sometimes its hard for me to get to a gym where I can do all the lifting as directed in the book, but I have NO idea how to do it at home! I don't own any equipment. In fact, I think the only thing that looks remotely like it came from a gym is one lone resistance band lurking beneath my bed. Is...
  • Forum Post: I don't understand the resistance training patterns

    Hi all - I can't get this upper, lower and ab workout pattern. The example journal for upper body switches from dumbbell bench press to dumbbell flyes for level 10 intensity. It switches from seated dumbbell press to side raises for that level 10 intensity. So you're supposed to switch to another...
  • Forum Post: Cardio the day after lower body workout.

    My legs have generally been weak due to lack of exercise in the past. I have been following BFL for two weeks now and the only part I dont quite understand is that the day after my lower body workout my leg muscles have not yet recovered and I have to do cardio which I find difficult. While doing my...