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  • Forum Post: Alternative Cardio & Weight Lifting

    Instead of doing cardio/ aerobic exercise on an elliptical or a treadmill, I am really into alternatives like Zumba, Tahitian dance, and water aerobics. I was wondering if that would still work with the BFL program, even if the cardio lasts longer, for example, a 45 minute Zumba session or an hour long...
  • Forum Post: How can i get more energy for lifting

    I am on week 5 and am finding I could use a little spark when I get to the gym. I tried an energy drink before going one day last week and it worked really good, I had some nervous energy and could not wait to get to the next set but afterwords I thought I was going to hurl. Any ideas on something...
  • Forum Post: Same Exercise?

    This question if for the BFL veterns. For the duration of BLF, do you do the same exercise every time? For example, on the upper body days for the chest muscle group, do you do dumbbell bench press for the first 5 sets, then dumbbell flye for the last intense set, every time you do an upper body day...