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  • Forum Post: Hi Point Weight Fluctuation

    Hi Everyone, I noticed in Bill Philips' book that when it is time to reach level 9, he substantially decreases the weight, then decreases it again for level 10. My questions are: 1- Is this a coincidence or this is how it should be? 2- What happens if I increase the weight at level 9 then...
  • Forum Post: Lifting Weights - Toning vs Gaining Muscle Question

    I've always been naturually strong for a girl and I have a pretty big build without my added fat weight. I am looking to tone muscle instead of gain, but I'm only on week 2 and lifting large amounts of weight. Do I keep my my weights the same, because I don't think I will hit my 10 if I keep...
  • Forum Post: I don't understand the resistance training patterns

    Hi all - I can't get this upper, lower and ab workout pattern. The example journal for upper body switches from dumbbell bench press to dumbbell flyes for level 10 intensity. It switches from seated dumbbell press to side raises for that level 10 intensity. So you're supposed to switch to another...