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  • Forum Post: Treadmill,Elliptical or elliptical climber

    Which is good for a great cardio workout? Treadmill,Elliptical or Elliptical Climber? I have been on the treadmill for three weeks and getting a little discouraged. One year ago when i was just excercising i lost 25lbs in 2.5 months on the elliptical climber. Which is better? How would you hit your 10's...
  • Forum Post: How often do you increase your weights/up your cardio level?

    Hello all! The more i read BFL the more I think it's about increasing your limits and breaking them. It's hard hitting a TEN each time but when you do, you feel great! So, I wonder, how often should one increase their limit? I'm progressing at a different rate for each exercise but generally...
  • Forum Post: Why do we do cardio on this program at all?

    I keep reading in the BFL book that weight training will both burn calories and build muscles that will help burn the fat off. The eating system with the exercise will revive metabolism. what is the job of cardio on this program? What will happen if we skip cardio altogether and do six days of weight...