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  • Forum Post: Sick after Lower body workout - help

    Hi Everybody, my husband and I have moved to the US from Australia (here over 1 month now) and have just started our BFL transformation. He to put on weight and bulk up. Me to loose approx 50lbs (around 25kgs) and slim down. Anyway we've started this together and are in week 2. I'm finding...
  • Forum Post: Is there a way to get the BFL upper body workout to under 40 minutes?

    My gym opens at 6:00am. I MUST be out of there by 6:40 in order to get to work on time. Is there a way to get the wo to under 40 minutes? I know shortcuts aren't ideal, but any advice would be appreciated. *sorry if this double posts
  • Forum Post: Starting Over With Back Problems

    Last July I woke up one morning with a backache that wouldn't go away. By August I decided to see the Doc. X-rays revealed nothing and I was sent to Physical Therapy to no avail. I did continue with my exercise program in spite of the pain. Then in October the pain morphed into a shooting pain from...
  • Forum Post: Lifting Weights - Toning vs Gaining Muscle Question

    I've always been naturually strong for a girl and I have a pretty big build without my added fat weight. I am looking to tone muscle instead of gain, but I'm only on week 2 and lifting large amounts of weight. Do I keep my my weights the same, because I don't think I will hit my 10 if I keep...
  • Forum Post: Same Exercise?

    This question if for the BFL veterns. For the duration of BLF, do you do the same exercise every time? For example, on the upper body days for the chest muscle group, do you do dumbbell bench press for the first 5 sets, then dumbbell flye for the last intense set, every time you do an upper body day...