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  • Forum Post: The workout

    How do you decide which will be your major work out exercise for each body part? When it talks about Chest for example: IN the book he uses dubmell Bench Press and then ends with flyes. Can you use Flyes for the major part and end with press? How do you now which exercise to use where?
  • Forum Post: Training for endurance while doing BFL

    I usually compete in a few triathlons and bike races during the summer. I enjoy them but will admit that they didn't get me the weight loss i was looking for so I decided to try Body-for-Life, but I still want to do a few of these races. The short 20 minute high intensity cardio of BFL doesn't...
  • Forum Post: workout question

    hi guys i need to know if i am doing something wrong. i am following the example from the book routine for lower body workouts. i start with leg press 12 x 120 10 x 140 8 x 160 6 x 180 12 x 160 12 x 120 after this, as same as the book BFL i do dumbbell lunges 12 x 8 lbs 10...