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  • Forum Post: Note to all of those who are starting

    Pace yourself during the begenning! know your limits and don't try to fight them. it will only put you back. I over did it on my last lower body workout and I can tell you now that I am paying for it! lol Have you done this before? How did you get over it?
  • Forum Post: How start weight training?

    Hello Friends, I am doing gym for last 1 month and improved little bit health. And for kick start I am going to join Competition from next month. But before doing that I want to learn Weight Training properly. I had Sedentary lifestyle from last 5 years, and because of that my muscles become very weak...
  • Forum Post: Weight plan takes too long!

    Hi, I have to get to work and I am trying to stay on the plan but I find on the weight days it takes longer than planned. This is my first week but it should take 46 minutes for my upper body but it takes 70 minutes! I have searched and am trying to find out how fast the reps are. I have done weights...