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  • Forum Post: Sore Muscles, Exercise Cycling?!?!?

    I just started week 4 this week and decided to switch up the type of exercises for each muscle group this week. I did legs yesterday and can barely walk today...LOL!!! Should I be switching up exercises more often? Phil
  • Forum Post: Soreness

    Last week was my first week. My legs were so sore by Friday that I could barely walk. I did not go to the gym Friday, Sat. or Sun. I went back today (lower body day) and had a great workout. I am worried that with two lower body days this week and the aerobics, that I may end up in the same situation...
  • Forum Post: Chest and Shoulders Stretching Exercises for fellow beginners

    I wasn't aware that we were supposed to use the same weight used at level 7 for level 9 repetitions ( I asked and a fellow BFLers told me on here). I hit the gym yesterday doing as told and I was terribly sore. I was not aware there are any chest stretch exercises. But today I felt my chest muscles...
  • Forum Post: workout question

    hi guys i need to know if i am doing something wrong. i am following the example from the book routine for lower body workouts. i start with leg press 12 x 120 10 x 140 8 x 160 6 x 180 12 x 160 12 x 120 after this, as same as the book BFL i do dumbbell lunges 12 x 8 lbs 10...
  • Forum Post: My muscles aren't recovering

    Hi everyone, I have completed my first BFL week today. I have been working out really hard, and eating sufficient protein. The problem is that my muscles are not recovering. My lower body workout was on Monday. Now it's Thursday and my hamstring and quads still hurt. My upper body workout was yesterday...