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  • Forum Post: Proper weight for 4th set?

    Hi, I am one week away from completing my first challange. I have followed the original BFL book and used the Success Journal, which, I must say, has been a phenomenal, help. I have lost 15 pounds (210 to 195) and I am back two notches on my belt. I feel great! There is still a little fat covering...
  • Forum Post: Calf exercises without equipment

    I can't get to a gym but we have an olympic standard home gym. That's great for most exercises but I'm having trouble with calves. Hubby suggested I lay the EZ bar over my knees while placing the balls of my feet on a chunky bit of wood which works great but..... I can lift waaaay more...
  • Forum Post: No Official Challenge for 2011???

    I notice that EAS have not put up official challeng dates for 2011 yet on the site. Does that mean no official challenge for this year? Seems so odd not to have put something up as I imagine a lot of people post hangover will be looking for this site and details...