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  • Forum Post: Need a Solution

    I'm in my 3rd week & today I performed UB. My problem is with the chest exercises I performed today - Incline Dumbell Press 12 @ 8lbs. 10 @ 10lbs. 8 @ 15lbs. 6 @ 20 lbs. 12 @ 15lbs. supersetted w/ a Barbell Bench Press 12 @ 20lbs. The problem is with the first 3 sets (12,10, 8) they...
  • Forum Post: Too Much Cardio?

    Hi fellow Body For Lifers! I would like to ask you all for your opinions on the following situation please: 1) I am in week 3 of Body For Life - it is going GREAT so far. No missed meals or workouts, and its gonna stay that way. 2) I play soccer once a week for 60 minutes straight (no rest breaks...