Warm-up and Cool-down

  • I am only in week two of the Body for Life challenge and I have been following it to a tee. I am starting to question whether it would be ok to add a warm up and cool down to my work out. In the past I have always done a light jog for about 10 mins before my weight training, would this affect my BFL results? I also usually do a 10 min cool down on the treadmill followed by stretching as wel. I have read the BFL book and have not come across any warm-up, cool-down, or stretching recommendations?

  • Warming up will only help,  It certainly wouldn't hurt your progress.  I think one of the biggest parts of workouts and exercise plans is that they overlook the importance of warming up and stretching.  

    Good luck on your journey!

  • I stretch before every cardio.  I don't warm up except the 2 minutes at 5 intensity.  I do cool down by just walking the treadmill until my breathing is just about normal.  Cool down to your heart's content (pun intended.)

    Sometimes I'll through a few minute of light jogging in after my Upper Body workout.

  • I do a 10 minute warm up jog on the treadmill before I do weight days.  It is never a bad idea to warm up your muscles before you use them.  It prevents injury.

  • Warmup is especially important as you get older. I'm 50 and I have started to do more of a warmup (light jog) then I used to.

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