Have to go out of town for wedding next week end...Advice?

  • As we will be on a road trip to get there I will NOT be able to do my weight training next friday. 5 hours car ride.

    I will be at the mercy of not being able to prepare my own foods for 3 days.

    I am calling to see if they have a fitness facility, but doubt it. going to a Golf resort. taking 8 lb hand weights.

    any input?


    much appreciated!!!!

  • Eat the best you can, take some protein powder, bars...I would think a golf resort would have a fitness facility. You can run outside can't you? Do you have the resistance bands/tubes?

    Maybe go to one of the exercise sites (exrx.net) to find some exercises to do without wts.

    Have fun! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • At least take you some snacks and a case of water.  Almonds, protein bars, etc. get you a small cooler and pack as much healthy snacks that you can.   I agree with Deb, you can take some bands and do a pretty decent workout in your room.  A golf resort should have some sort of weight room.  At least a treadmill or bike.


  • I make protein shakes with some fruit in them and pack them in a small cooler if I am going to be out of range of a kitchen. They are easy with a magic bullet, they are small and can be packed into a suitcase easily. Good Luck and have fun:)

  • Try taking rip open tuna or salmon packs (Wal-Mart).  Snack packs of carrotts, apples, cottage cheese, yogurt and powdered shakes should work for at least 4 of your meals.  Take a cooler for the car ride.  Will there be a frig or microwave where you are staying?  These things along with whatever you'll be eating in a restaurant or at the wedding should help.  As suggested, take resistance bands or do a few exercises in your room if there isn't a fitness facility you can access.  Check out this website (www.muscleandstrength.com/.../main.html) for exercises you can do using your bodyweight.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Here's a better link


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Would pilates moves be an acceptable weight session? I too will be traveling w/out weights and need to get a list together. Planks have always kicked my butt so I feel like they should be a good idea...