Another cardio question

  • I have been performing the HITT as required.  I am having some problems with my knee and was wondering if I walk briskly for an hour, will that impede my progress.  I figure if I go longer but not as intensely, I will get the same benefit.  I could switch to the bike but I still can't perforn Hitt at this time.

    I also have to say, I am in week 7 and am so proud of myself.  I can't believe it is week 7 and I am still following the program.  I normally have bombed out by now.  I am seeing some progress but am hoping for the "week 8 miracle."  I hope I am not disappointed. 

    Thanks everyone for your help.


  • Pattie-

    I also have knee problems, I have bought knee braces that seem to really help when I run. They are pretty inexpensive, maybe try these?

    Stacy Lynn

  • I ACE wrapped mine this morning after tweaking it last night and it seemed to give it more support. I was able to do my HIIT without too much discomfort. I will tell you however, that walking is probably not the best exercise if you are having knee issues. Too much impact! I have had hip/knee issues for years and have had to completely cut out anything on the treadmill including walking. Love the elliptical and also use the bike. Maybe you could still do intervals but dial it down a notch or 2 depending on your level of discomfort. Whatever you do, don't push too much. A small injury can quickly become worse with too much exertion. Do what you can. Remember, your weight days are just as important so if you have to dial down your cardio, maybe you can amp up your weight days. Good luck and hope you heal quickly!

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  • The eliptical is a great low impact alternative that will allow for higher intencity 20 minute workouts without the pain!