Hearing a clicking sound in my arm joint during weight training...

  • I'm hearing a clicking sound in my shoulders when I do weights. Have been continuing on though as there's no pain. Anyone knows if that's ok?

    Wee Nee

  • most likely what is going on you have a little joint laxity in your internal capsule ( the ligamentous tissue that holds your arm in the socket) of your glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) causing it to get pinched a little when you move your arm in a certain position.  For the most part, it is not a huge issue more of an annoyance than anything else.  I have the same deal when I move my arm into flexion.  If you are really concerned about it you can go see a physical therapist, but if its not painful and you can still do your exercises than I would say do that.  I would also suggest possibly strengthening your rotator cuff muscles so the joint is a little more congruent and may possibly decrease the amount of pinching or snapping.  

  • Hi Wee Nee,

    I would get that clicking as well during my first couple of upper body work outs.  Sometimes just shifting my grip on a bar or rotating the angle of my wrists when working with dumb bells helped. For me it was mostly when I was doing exercises requiring overhead motion.

  • From time to time I get the consistant clicking noise in my right shoulder area when doing upright row movements. It doesn't sound like anything too uncommon.

  • Yep, me too - left shoulder.

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