Workouts and being sick HELP

  • I got food poisoning last night, and I'm suppose to do my 20 minute cardio session today. I don't know if I should try and suck it up and do the best that I can do. Or if I should skip today, and get back on it tomorrow. 

  • I have never had food poisoning, I hear it is no joke!  I am not a nutrition expert but I would be most concerned with water loss and muscle weakness.  I can respect your drive, but I would also be concerned with injuring yourself.   This is a 12 week experience.  You don’t want to risk personal injury for one work out day.  I would say only you know how you feel.   Be sure you are really hydrating yourself.  Have you stuck with the eating today?  

  • Yes  so far I have been able to stick to my eating and keep it down.  I don't want to miss my workout, but I can't stand up for very long without my stomach starting to cramp. It is making me bummed out that I might have to miss my workout today

  • You definitely need to miss it, didn't realise it was food poisoning when I posted on the other thread. Rest up!