•  Does anyone know where I can get the old style BFL journal? It had a black cover, was more condensed than the "Success" journal, and had pics and explanations of all the exercises.

  • Is this the one? 

    Book Depositry in England do worldwide free shipping - Aus $ price was $27.37, US won't be far off it....


    The Body for Life Success Journal


  • No. I have that one as well. The one I'm wanting has a black cover, and it's much thinner and condensed. I still have it I think, but being the optimist that I am, I wrote in ink on some pages. I really liked it because it was simpler, without all the stories, which I can get here.I probably got it in the year 2000.

  • i am thinking of buying another copy to either give to someone or just use for the future.

    i love this journal, everyday there is an inspirational message & a transformation story.

    i got mine for 99p off ebay.

    My success is your success.

  • Can't help you on this one, The pictured BFL Success JOurnal above is all I have ever used for the program that's official, the is a black exercise journal you can get from GNC that is about 15 or so but that is not the official journal for BFL Use.  I get my BFL Success journals on line at the best price, my last one came from a Goodwill related company on Ebay and that gave me a great feeling realizing that I helped their cause as well. Keep Moving Forward!

  • I gave mine away with all the highlighted pages. What a dummy! ;) I have to books like the one above, if anyone wants me to mail them one. Every time I went to a used bookstore I was guaranteed to find a copy for just a couple dollars. LOL. They are both in mint condition. LOL.  I started reading one again last night for inspiration. :)

  • Thanks for the feedback. I found the old BFL journal, and I'm thrilled.Thought I might have lost it in the move last year.I'll post a picture on my day off just so you can see what I was talking about.It's the one they used before the success journal came out.It was really handy to take to the gym.Jeff, I'm glad you are getting inspiration from the stories.I used to read them over and over.