Weight plan takes too long!

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    I have to get to work and I am trying to stay on the plan but I find on the weight days it takes longer than planned. This is my first week but it should take 46 minutes for my upper body but it takes 70 minutes! I have searched and am trying to find out how fast the reps are. I have done weights in the past and was taught to go slow and steady otherwise you lose form and that wont get results. Could anyone tell me how fast they do upper and body exercises i.e. how fast is one set?

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  • My UBWO is around 60 minutes.  How much time are you taking between reps/sets?  how much rest between exercises?

  • The timing takes a while to get right.  That kind of stuff isn't natural to me at all.  I wrote this and hope it helps.  I do seriously use it with each and every BFL strength training workout.  


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  • Try keeping your rest period down.  Keep it at 1 min or less, for me more like 30 sec per set and 1 min between routines

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  • This does take time. In the BFL book, it does state how to time your reps. I believe Bill Phillips said to say a phrase, like, "I'm building by body-for-life" while performing reps. NOt sure if that was on the audio-book version, or in the text. I will tell you, that I don't do this. I have found, however that I'm closer to 55 minutes or so. I wear my watch and ensure I keep 1 minute between each set. That is the key. Of course scoping out your execution path in the gym before getting started also helps.