Soreness & Cardio

  • Hello,

    Soreness is a natural part of weight training and the combination of lower body weights I do now seems to maximize that soreness. Although painful, its the nice kind of pain.Love it!

    As for my cardio routine, I do either a 20 or 30 minute intervall on the treadmill (9km/h at 2,4,6 & 9% uphill).

    I have noticed that when I´m really sore in the lower body, I need to increase the warm-up period before getting on with the intervall, after which its pretty OK. The streching after the session can be quite painful as well but the soreness always feels better after a good cardio session.

    Doing training with sopre muscles should be avoided but how is it meant to complete the cardio sessions without using the muscles. My hand-running skills aren´t that great and I dont have access to a good bike at gym.

    Whats your take on this? Please share your experiences.


  • If doing your aerobic training on a treadmill make you super sore, maybe you can take up swimming instead. It's really easy on the joints and have no impact on your body. Try that and see how that works.

  • Howdy,

    The soreness comes from the weight training, not the aerobic training. The soreness is in the muscles only. Joints and all the other stuff are still OK.

    The soreness does make the aerobic training a bit heavy going at times. As I am sure this must be a rather common issue for folks doing BFL I thought some would have similar experiences.

  • Soreness might be uncomfortable at first, but once you get going you may find that the soreness goes away a little and in my experience it might even help you recover sooner.

  • I have used the product Betagen by EAS in the past and it helps with post workout recovery, and will minimize soreness.