Question regarding Cardio and High Point 9 heart rate

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a question regarding the HP set for Aerobic exercise.

    In the BFL book, it says that we should use our heart rate as a marker.  The book says that the standard for a HP is 80% of your max heart rate = Level 10 (HP) and to discover your max heart rate:

    220-AGE = MAX HEART RATE (So, I'm 42 so 220-42=178 and 80% of 178=142.5

    But what does HP mean exactly?  Here is what I am confused about:

    (REFER TO PAGE 75 in the BFL book)

    When I am doing a level 9 (yes 9 not 10) according to the BFL book (page 75), a level 9 is ALSO considered a are both level 9 AND level 10 considered High Points?  Does this mean that I need to achieve a 142.5 Heart Rate at BOTH the level 9 AND level 10 intensity levels?  I am confused..please help!!


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  • Hi Derek:

    It's not the same for your 9 and 10, though both are part of the high point.  Much like your high point on strength training is your level 9 with the last 12 reps of one exercise and then your level 10 of 12 reps with the next exercise within the same muscle group.  

    The formula for determining your max heart rate has actually since been debunked.  (the guy literally just made it up, based on basic approximations, and didn't expect it would become a standard).  I know many who use a heart rate monitor to record their trends, add to the overall picture, etc.  Your max is actually different for different cardio exercises, and different for different people, even those who are the same age.  

    I go by how I feel, but that's just me.  If I literally couldn't do another 5 seconds at that level, then that's a 10.  It should take about 5 minutes to recover.  If right away, then that wasn't a 10.  And it varies with each workout.  Note trends.  Maybe you're stronger in the morning.  Do free days make for a worse HP, etc.?  

    ~ Jessica

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