eating before weight workouts

  • Hi

    I was wondering how long before the weight workout you should eat.

    I usually do the workout at night, before my last meal.


    I know the book says to wait three hours before the cardio workout if you don't do it in the morning, but I want to know how long before the weight one. My main goal in this challenge is to lose fat.....


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  • I believe it is the same.  Anyone know for sure?

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  • Not certain but I generally eat about half an hour to an hour before my weight training. Even when I do it in the morning, I have found I have problems when doing it on an empty stomach.

    I then eat within a half hour to an hour after weight training.

    --- Kitty


  • thanks, Sharon--Wonder-Woman and Kitty!

    I might try to find if anyone has asked this before...I have currently been eating like 1.5-2 hours before my weight workout and it never occurred to me that maybe i should wait even longer than that.  I just don't want to be 'doing it wrong.'

    My main goal is to lose fat, so I don't really wanna be gaining muscle by eating too close to my workout.

    I always eat within a half an hour after wards too.

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  • Gaining muscle WILL help you lose more fat in the most natural and healthy way.

    Eating close to workouts is not about gaining more muscle, more about not getting fatigued during workouts and having enough energy to hit those 10's. You can burn more fat by not eating before but it takes time for your body to get energy that way, I need the quick energy from eating to be able to lift the weight right now.

    --- Kitty


  • i found this post somewhere else and thought i would share it ....

    the book says 3 hours ( if not in the morning) to workout after eating...I called eas and that has changed a bit to 1 to 2 hours for cardio and 1 hour is ok for resistance training after eating and eating 30 minutes - 1 hour after cardio and immediately after resistance training) .  the original 3 hours after eating would cause you to have to wait 5 hour in between meals.  

    I would say youre doing fine...possibly wait a little longer before working out after eating.  

    of course the best time is in the morning after waking up but i dont know how many people that is realistic for.

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  • Therese, Thanks for posting what eas said. I have been waiting 3 hours for cardio and am starving, so I am glad they revised it. Also, I have to say, eas has excellent phone support. Melissa

  • i have never called them personally, but that is good to know. I am also glad that i dont have to wait three hours too. that is too long when you are used to eating every 2.5 :D

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  • I have been reading old posts and thought this one of BFLMike's (Mike Harris) might fit in here.


    by: Michael Harris  7/6/2007

    The book, Body for Life, by Bill Phillips, says very simply that the author recommends that all training be done in the early morning on an empty stomach. Bill can be seen doing that in the video, Body of Work, but he also is seen training with others during the evenings as well. So, what’s best?

    Well, clearly training early in the morning on an empty stomach is the most effective for CARDIO training. That way, the activity maximizes the amount of fat burned. Not only doing cardio on an empty stomach, but waiting at least a half hour and even better, one hour, until you eat something really helps because the fat burning cycle continues even after the exercise session is done.

    As to resistance training, there are many opinions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing resistance training on an empty stomach, if you can handle it. Yes, you do not have the same strength you would if you had eaten, but that does not seem to impede muscle building. Bill even recommends waiting a while afterwards to burn off more fat too, just like in cardio.

    Personally, my experience is that eating before resistance training is a better idea. Why? Because the food gives you more energy to work out heavier, because you have elevated blood sugar levels. I have also found that eating soon after the session is helpful because it puts carbs and proteins to work repairing the damaged muscle tissue and replenishing the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. Stored glycogen is what your body uses for energy once it consumes the excess blood sugar in the system. Many trainees also find that they are just more comfortable in the gym if they have something in their stomachs. As to whether to wait a while after working out, I think eating immediately is best. There is little fat burning that goes on as a result of the resistance training, and it is more important to get those muscles fed in my judgement.

    What to eat? Well, you should have an easily digested source of carbs and a quickly used source of protein. That would be the one time you would want higher glycemic rather than lower glycemic carbs, and why you want whey protein, because it is the quickest digested protein source there is. These are exactly the ingredients in a meal replacement shake! So, have half a shake before you work out and half right after, or have a shake before and a shake after, but you do need to count them both as meals.

    What do others think? Well, Brian Deeds, the supplements director for EAS, and Dr. Christine Steele, the chief scientist for EAS, both advocate eating the same type of food before and after the strength training as I do.

  • I have been doing as BFLMike outlines above.  Before heading to the gym I make a protein shake that is about 1 1/2 portions.  I drink 1/2 portion on the way to the gym and the other full portion after my resistance training.  

  • interesting, i never considered eating right before my resistance training.

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  • This was EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you!

  • I drink a casien protein shake before the working out and a whey/lecine shake after. Ive also heard apples are good to eat before working out. But the shakes have given me plenty of energy for my workouts and recovery.

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  • I believe the book states for best results, if primary goal is to lose fat, do weight training in morning. If schedule doesn't permit, wait at least 3 hours after your last meal so that glycogen levels are depleted. I interpret this as only water is allowed within last 3 hours before your workout-- that is, if losing fat is your primary goal.

    For me personally, I do cardio in AM on empty stomach after 1 glass of water. For weights I do it in the afternoon and try to have waited about 1.5 hours since my last meal so I'm not working out on a full belly.

  • jj91709 - You are correct.  Check out my post at this link I quote the book along with more helpful info

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