Gym limitations with weights

  • Just starting this week BFL and I belong to a smaller women's gym that I really enjoy.  The issue is that they do not have dumb bells past 15 lbs. I know for some exercises this is too light. They do have the bars with weights, and some Smith machines. I hate to invest in dumb bells for home when I have a gym membership.  For those exercises where I need more than the 15 lb weights should I try to replicate it with the equipment or a bar?  Another example would be chest press, I have access to a machine or the bar/bench but not the heavier free weights.

  • Hi Dawn, Congrats on starting BFL.  The bars with weights work well for muscle building.  Most body builders use a bar for most of their lifting (Squats, Bench press, rows).   I'm not sure how high your bars with weights go but that  should work fine.   I would only use smith machine when it becomes difficult to carry the bar to the bench due to the weight.